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The analysis of S6 group phase Lck can qualify TSM or RNG will beat ppbox

The analysis of S6 group phase: LCK can qualify? TSM or RNG will beat [Abstract]S6 group has been clear, which may from the group off the lead out? China’s legion of three cars can smooth out? Xiao Bian here with a simple analysis. Beijing time on September 11th morning, which lasted 24 minutes of the World League finals in 2016 (S6) of the group stage draw a successful closing ceremony. From the six Division of the 16 world top teams in the clear in their opponents in the group phase, each team needs to make full use of time to strengthen their training, but also to analyze the opponent may appear in the lineup and tactics. In accordance with the current group stage grouping, which teams may be drawn out from the group? China’s legion of three cars can smooth out? Xiao Bian here with a simple analysis. A group: Rox Tigers clan, G2 clan, Espoets CLG clan, ANX clan. A group division situation is simple, is recognized as the world’s first season as the top seed and S6 team ROX team in the group, whether in single, single, or a wild and double way, are difficult to match with their team. In particular, the ROX team on the field of the perfect cooperation, so that the team is more aggressive. SEMB as the season recognized as the world’s first single, all teams throughout the S6, not a few people and he can play for a draw, it is hard to highlight the strength of SEMB. Double way ROX team and ROX team this season to play a stable, the strength can be said to be scared. Sitting on the top spot in the division of the European LCS G2 team, due to the overall strength of the European LCS division flat, G2 corps "European champion" title is to quotation marks. In addition, the G2 team at MSI this year’s performance in general, the only team to hit the world level in the single player is Perkz, plus the team playing field despite the introduction of Korean aid, overall the overall view, the players often occupy the G2 corps team many resources can occasionally play carry performance. The North American division of CLG in the MSI this year and take the runner up, but in the summer after the start, the team can not keep up with the newer version of the case, the bad record, the game is not stable. At present, the only point in the team, although the Stixxay has an extraordinary ability to carry, but if the team was targeted for two teams, CLG team has been in trouble. The wild card team ANX CIS as the League Division team, unusual strength. Compared to the other years of wild card division, this division on the strength of wild card to enhance a big cut. So the ANX team from S1 has the strongest wild card team, but compared to other division teams in the world, there are still significant gaps in the strength. May be out of the team: 1.ROX clan. 2.CLG team. B group: Flash wolves clan, SKT T1 clan, IM clan, C9 clan. B group evenly distributed strength, the first defending champion SKT T1 team as the global total!相关的主题文章: