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The 16+21+2+2 data will lie crooked basket took Mozhe warrior buckle-www.xici.net

The 16+21+2+2 data can be deceptive but take the basket buckle crooked crooked small warrior Jordan buckle basket at sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 21st, the Losangeles Clippers at home court lost to Jinzhou 112-115 warriors. Andre, the main center of the clippers, scored 16 minutes in 36 minutes, 7 points in 13 shots, 21 rebounds (7 rebounds in front of the court), 2 blocks and 2 steals. At the end of the third quarter, little Jordan buckled the basket directly when he finished an empty dunk. As we all know, the warriors’ small lineup is very terrible, so that the opponent is difficult to defend. But this game, the warriors are thoroughly resorted to a small lineup, as the main center of boggarts due to injury, was still a backup center AI knee injury, so Green plays the warriors field starting center, the bench, is regarded as the only Spec player inside. Arguably, in the face of such a small lineup, the Clippers inside the players should be able to get a good opportunity to attack, especially small Jordan. According to Joe at the attack mode (or lob dunk shot), warriors array basically no one can stop him. However, little Jordan’s offensive ability is very limited, low back body singles basically do not, so he often can only rely on athletic ability to complete the dunk opportunity. Unfortunately, little Jordan missed the chance to dunk today (three times). In the third quarter, he was confronted with Iguodala’s defense in the fast break. It might be too depressing to buckle off the hoop, and little Jordan decided to take it out with the basket. At the end of the third quarter, little Jordan finally caught the chance, he received six assists, complete an empty buckle. This time he finally got the ball in and he buckled the basket by mistake. Since O’neal had broken the basketball frame, NBA enhanced the toughness of the basket. So when Joe put the basket buckle crooked today, the basket was repaired very soon. As the backbone of the Clippers defense, Jordan can be said to be busy today. Because the warriors are one of the best teams in the league, so little Jordan often takes advantage of this side of the defense, but missed the other side, and he often defends against two. Earlier this season, the Rockets legend Olajuwon said in an interview with a dominant player inside the warriors beat method is in the team, but Jordan is obviously not this level inside. (Rosen)

16+21+2+2这数据会骗人 扣歪篮筐却拿勇士没辙 小乔丹扣歪了篮筐   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月21日,洛杉矶快船在主场以112-115负于金州勇士。快船主力中锋德安德烈-乔丹出场36分钟,13投7中得到16分,外加21个篮板(7个前场篮板)、2次盖帽和2次抢断。第三节末,小乔丹在完成一次空接扣篮时直接把篮框给扣歪了。   众所周知,勇士队的小个阵容非常恐怖,令对手难以防守。但是本场比赛,勇士是彻彻底底地祭出了一套小个阵容,由于主力中锋博格特因伤缺阵,替补中锋艾泽利还在养膝伤,因此格林担当起勇士本场的首发中锋,替补席里,算得上是内线球员的也只有斯佩茨。   按理说,面对这样一套小个阵容,快船队的内线球员应该能获得不错的进攻机会,特别是小乔丹。按照小乔擅长的进攻方式(空接扣篮或者补篮),勇士阵中基本上没人能挡得住他。   然而小乔丹的进攻能力非常受限,低位背身单打基本没有,所以他常常只能依靠运动能力完成扣篮机会。但可惜的是,小乔丹今天连续错失扣篮机会(一共三次)。第三节,他在快攻中面对伊戈达拉的防守居然空接扣篮不进。 扣歪了篮筐   可能是心里太过郁闷,小乔丹决定拿篮框好好发泄一下。第三节快要结束时,小乔丹终于逮着机会,他接到克六的助攻完成一次空接暴扣。这次他终于将球扣进,而且顺带把篮框给扣歪了。自从当年奥尼尔把篮框扣碎之后,NBA增强了比赛篮框的韧性。所以当小乔今天把篮框扣歪之后,篮框很快就被修好了。   作为快船的防守中坚,小乔丹今天可以说是忙坏了。由于勇士是联盟里转移球最好的球队之一,所以小乔丹在防守时往往是顾了这边却漏了那边,他一防二的情况经常出现。   本赛季早些时候,火箭名宿奥拉朱旺在接受采访时表示击败这支勇士的方法就是球队里有一名具有统治力的内线球员,但小乔丹显然不是这种级别的内线。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: