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Tesla car accident in China is under investigation – Sohu Technology-tianbi

Tesla responded in China is investigating the accident: Science and technology Reuters – Sohu according to foreign media news, local time on Wednesday, Tesla Motors said in a statement, are investigating a fatal accident occurred this year in the Chinese. Tesla said: "as a result of the traffic accident caused by collision damage is larger, the car will not log data to our server, so we do not know the accident occurred when the vehicle is enabled" Autopilot "function. "The company said, has repeatedly tried to contact with the driver of the families, to determine the cause of the crash, but their families did not provide any additional information to us, so that we can further find out." In January this year, the Hebei Handan section of Beijing high-speed rear end accident occurred, a Tesla car directly hit a working road sweeper, Tesla car was damaged, the driver was killed. Identified by the traffic police, the driver responsible Tesla driving in the collision. However, after half a year later, when the driver’s family will Tesla on the court. The news was not disclosed. That is to say, the accident occurred in China, Tesla is driving the world’s first fatal accident. Recommended reading: but also a tragedy, Tesla driving accident occurred in China, the impact of driving safety factors?相关的主题文章: