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Tang Wei Shun produce female new mothers how to safely fall in confinement in Hong Kong Sohu –vidalia

Tang Wei Shun produce female new mothers how to safely fall in confinement in Hong Kong? Sohu – Mother Goddess Tang Wei in Hongkong on 25 birth gave birth to a daughter, her daughter safe, it is reported that there have been discharged, and South Korea will be the husband Jin Taiyong together in Hongkong to take care of newborn daughter Doris. Tang Wei 27, through the circle of friends of the Annunciation, "Hello, to report that I unloaded. The day before yesterday (25 days) I gave birth to a daughter in Hongkong, the birth of 3.41 kilograms, very healthy, because she is the first loud cry". Tang Wei also wrote: "thanks to my mother, father, thank you, thank you, Doris, and every person who protects her from being born!" For Tang Wei upgrade to the mother of the news, the first time to send blessings, he said in the relevant micro-blog said: "boy girl? Congratulations!" Netizens ridicule is to climb doll pro". Now, when the autumn evening temperature, while at low temperatures, but not only the hot and dry weather during the day, this time the confinement of women suffered greatly, so, in the autumn to maternal confinement is comfortable? 1, autumn evening temperature, indoor temperature and humidity & during the day because of high temperature, room air temperature will rise, if the temperature at 25-26 degrees Celsius, without air conditioning, keep the indoor air fresh can; if the temperature is above 28 degrees Celsius, it should be mild or short open air conditioning ventilation window in order to make the appropriate room temperature. In general, autumn has two characteristics: wind and dry. Just after the production of the mother because the body is weak, should be avoided in the cool and ventilated place, if there is wind, so the indoor ventilation should avoid draught, can be a direction of the doors and windows open, the door closed, if the wind is strong, is as far as possible not to open the window from the wind in the living room of parturient. The indoor humidity is appropriate not only can make the mother comfortable for baby is more important, because the baby’s skin is very delicate, dry air can cause harm to him, the appropriate humidity is very beneficial for the health of the baby. Autumn wind more, once the maternal to the outdoors, we must wear a top hat, so as not to catch cold. 2, pay attention to nourishing for puerperal autumn is not so hot in summer, is the tonic season for new moms, autumn confinement without taboos summer tonic, but also does not make the more the better. In addition, some autumn tonic soup chicken soup, pig’s trotters soup, should also add some nourishing food, against the autumn dryness on the human body adverse, such as pear water, white fungus soup etc.. The air heavy ginseng, turtle grade should be eaten in moderation, not too much. In order to postpartum weakness, many families will pay attention to the blood, are commonly used in animal liver, jujube, donkey hide gelatin, should pay attention to these things, invigorating qi and nourishing blood, eating too much will easily affect the maternal diet, proper tonic, but not much. Many women immediately after eating a lot of soup, but the amount of milk is still insufficient, very anxious. In fact, there are no special circumstances, the milk will be gradually increased, gradually to meet the baby needs, irritable mood will affect you. If breast milk is not enough, you can temporarily add milk powder.相关的主题文章: