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Take the bus to Hongkong for mainland tourists UnionPay card punch avbox

Take the bus "card" card UnionPay UnionPay Hongkong for mainland tourists out of mainland tourists flocked to Hongkong for a "bus" in the future may continue to tighter regulatory concerns, just past Saturday and Sunday, there is still a large number of mainland policyholders "flying" to Hongkong for Yang Qianwen "the two line busy day." A large insurance company agent in Hongkong, the first financial daily said. October 28th, last Friday night, the original should be out of Hongkong insurance company is still crowded. These people from the mainland, are heard a message, flocking to the Hongkong insurance company to catch the last bus". This news is from 0:00 on October 29th, the domestic UnionPay card can no longer be used to pay the premium Hongkong insurance. The International Union issued a statement "rumor" on the 28 day at 23:20 at night, said the Union did not stop overseas insurance business card payment service, but in accordance with the regulatory requirements, domestic UnionPay card issued only for personal travel, consumer payment, shall not be used for capital and financial project transaction. UnionPay international also said that this is only to reiterate the previous regulatory requirements. Nevertheless, even missed the 28 evening of the "bus", in the future may continue to tighter regulatory concerns, just past Saturday and Sunday, there is still a large number of mainland policyholders "flying" to Hongkong, gathered in several famous insurance companies in the insurance line. This is also from Shanghai, Beijing and other places specifically to buy Hongkong insurance mainland customers." "They are generally worried that future regulatory policies will be tightened further – and now it may not be possible to use the UnionPay card, but also to pay in other ways." Another agent of the Hongkong insurance company told the first financial daily reporters. A large number of customers in Guangdong catch the last train to 28 PM, a message on the Hongkong insurance circle spread: China UnionPay will 0 a.m. on October 29th, Hongkong suspended payment insurance premium to bank as payment channels. Confirmed by the newspaper and a number of insurance companies in Hongkong, confirmed in October 29th began to pay premium UnionPay card is indeed suspended. "For the first time the insured and renewal premium do not use credit card UnionPay card." The insurance company agent. In fact, the news on the same day, the Hongkong insurance company has been insured by the mainland was packed. "Our company is open from 28 to about 12 in the evening. Customers said that 29 days can not brush UnionPay card, had to rush to buy before. The first time to queue up to buy some insurance companies are the customers in Guangdong Province, and some are already arriving but was ready for 29 days or 30 days and then come back to the signing of the customer." The Hongkong insurance agent. October 29th, UnionPay issued a formal statement, said it was reiterated before the provisions. Recently, we found through the merchant transaction monitoring, the presence of a number of foreign insurance businesses in the presence of a single card single merchant multiple trading volume surge. In order to further regulate the overseas insurance businesses to accept the domestic UnionPay card, recently, we released the overseas insurance merchants accepting UnionPay card compliance相关的主题文章: