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Take a stock of 12 Mid Autumn Moon TV drama lived in the moon palace! msvbvm60.dll

Take a stock of 12 Mid Autumn Moon TV drama lived in the moon palace! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival reunion moon also? Of course, to count the moon together. The picture from the network Twinkle Twinkle, the sky is beautiful. All along, Chang E is the embodiment of the Chinese version of love and beauty, but also test the important role of actress Yan value and temperament. As of today, while perfect conjugal bliss, and small series together to see what are included in the! The first: the gentle version of Liu Tao Liu Tao Liu Tao Chang played in the "Qishan" Fengshenbang in fengming. "Qishan" Fengming Fengshenbang? In the play, is Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing in the play: play Daji although her scenes are not many, but at that time Liu Tao went coincides with the small children of the show, behavior or something. A fairy fan Liu Tao carefully holding the rabbit, show little daughter: Liu Tao is a pure and lovely modality every twinkle and smile: Liu Tao but for Chang appearance and not so Xian, stylist: Liu Tao Liu Tao was forced off the assembly line at the good foundation, slightly change shape, change a makeup, a style, fashion circle Tao sister’s name is saved. Liu Tao street also began a handsome domineering offensive to marry Liu Tao and always protect the teeth, bright eyes and white teeth smile than before, sweet 100 times: Liu Tao second: Qiu Peining Qiu Peining – the most acclaimed version of the brow of a mole, a look that is the 86 version of "journey to the West" classic style, because this play all the queen is the goddess of the Banshee glabella with red love powder. "Journey to the west" Qiu Peining in this version of Chang E win in temperament. Dance professional background, from which point of view is beautiful although Qiu Peining later spread over the middle of the road, according to Qiu Peining speak creased but slightly dressed, and gentle as old artist: Qiu Peining third: Moon Goddess Chang’e – Fann Wong Fann Wong version of Fann Wong plays the female lead in the moon myth "Moon" in this version of the moon from the static role itself into the dynamic effect of high cold, clever and lovely, and the audience love moon edition. Fann Wong, but as far as I am concerned, this is the value of Fann Wong Yan peak, fresh and elegant in the world after Fann Wong is gentle, sealed Helen of Troy pear Fann Wong but beauty beauty, it appeared that apple jiongzhuang impressively increased muscle. Coupled with the non mainstream hairstyle… Feel the goddess temperament was removed instantly Fann Wong later face has been improved, but still hard to return to the former Fann Wong fourth: exotic version of Chang’e – Asuka Higuchi Asuka Higuchi to see the name to know, is our Japanese friends ~ ~ in "my date with a vampire 3" as the goddess of the moon although the other is imported… But the image or shape well, to encourage! Asuka Higuchi play style to Tucao, but the facial features is beautiful. Private photos.相关的主题文章: