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Taiwan to participate in the meeting of Interpol difficult media sigh peace dividend loss zuczug

Taiwan to participate in the meeting of Interpol difficult media sigh peace dividend loss original title: Taiwan in the International Criminal Police Organization meeting difficult media: "peace dividend" in the loss of reporter Zhang Yunfeng Taiwan is determined to be invited to participate in the International Civil Aviation Organization meeting, and began to prepare to be held in November in the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) meeting. However, the refusal to recognize the "92 consensus" of the Cai Yingwen administration’s efforts to expand the so-called international space has not achieved any success. The eighty-fifth International Criminal Police Organization will hold annual meeting in Indonesia, November 7th to 10 in Bali Island. According to pro green free times 27 reported that from November 4th to 6, Interpol will convene the Executive Committee, Taiwan wants to apply for an observer. According to INTERPOL regulations, apply to become observers there are two ways: one is by the Executive Committee of the proposal; another is to apply to the Secretariat, but must be mentioned by the Executive Committee of the Executive Committee to discuss, by a simple majority vote, agreed, in order to become observers; if you want to become a member, it shall be agreed by the general assembly. Reported that the INTERPOL Executive Committee held three times a year, the last was held in June, was due to the temporary early meeting, Taiwan foreign ministry before operation, sent a letter to the Secretariat to apply, and next Friday in Bali Island held the executive committee will be the last time this year, the executive committee will discuss matters usually first on the agenda, but did not see at present Taiwan’s application. Analysis of Taiwan sources said, INTERPOL currently has 12 members, is the chairman of the French nationals, the other from the United States, Belgium, Russia and Chinese, etc., "the executive committee members and in part, friendly, or scruples China attitude, let me join by fear". In addition, due to U.S. President Obama signed a bill in March this year to support Taiwan’s participation in INTERPOL, if missed this year’s opportunity, the next few years, Taiwan will strive to become an observer will be more difficult". There are public opinion, the next Interpol General Assembly will be held in Beijing by the end of next year, the current term of office of the French presidency expires, if the mainland was elected chairman of the people, more unfavorable to Taiwan. Taiwan in 1984 after the withdrawal from Interpol, the initiative to return, although not successful, but it has been a member of the organization and the exchange of criminal intelligence. Taiwan has to "Taipei Central Bureau" (members of "the capital of the Central Bureau issued a" name) the name of the Tokyo Central Bureau of foreign exchange of criminal intelligence, but was asked not to use the name of the headquarters in Lyon, because "Taipei Central Bureau does not exist". It is worth noting that the request of Taiwan was supported by some people in the United states. The United States Congress in March this year have passed the bill, Taiwan has asked Secretary of state strategy assist Interpol observer. This Tuesday, the Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Royce said in a statement that Taiwan is an important partner of the United States, Taiwan continued to be excluded from the important organization "disturbing". He said, global security because Taiwan can not quickly share and receive the latest information on international crime and unnecessary risk, everyone’s security will become相关的主题文章: