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Subliminal Messages An Art Of A High Performance-diamondprox

Self-Improvement In the course of life, performance is being used as a measure in almost every action. From the various techniques you have learn in performing well, have you .e across Subliminal Messages? By definition, subliminal message refers to the message or image in another medium that is fast to the naked eye where the conscious mind can not process due to simplicity but directly hits the subconscious mind where it is being processed. When the subconscious had processed the message, it will subtly influence the thinking, attitude, behavior and values system of the person, whether for better or for worst. It originated from the two Latin words sub and limen that means under or beneath and threshold, respectively. It was observed that there are three types of subliminal messages that are often tapped or used. These are the following: 1.text- the messages in here are purely texts or words. Often used by advertisers. 2.audio the messages .es in as sounds saved in the tapes or the new technologies, disks or flash drives or mp3. 3.image the messages are in images, graphics or pictures. Basically, the above are the famous types that psychologist and other people who have proven the usefulness of subliminal messages utilized in improving their performance. But as technology develops subliminal application also develops, and this is where subliminal mp3 .es in. Subliminal mp3 is a state of the art in the field of developing a persons performance. It is the development of the brainteasers, subliminal CDs and the like. Subliminal mp3s enclose many associated positive messages which are repeated hundreds to thousand of times that are under the normal conscious hearing yet your subconscious mind simply absorbs them and influences a new course of action. The messages are actually focused on positive that are just like you have done in your life. The events or courses of actions and things you enjoy and are good at and in this way because repetitively told yourself sufficient times that you have develop into that person. You might be great in mathematics or you really enjoy ingesting your favorite food but were that constantly true? Often the bad and good things about us were shaped when we were young, and believe it or not most of the things that we think regarding ourselves came from other people. The influences that mold you of who you are today are from but not limited to the following: 1.Parents 2.Friends 3.Teachers 4.Siblings and 5.your own experiences and thoughts Nowadays, subliminal messages are used to improve your performance in whatever endeavor you are inclined with. To name a few, psychologist found out that subliminal messages are being applied in: Advertisement Music Teaching Health Brain improvement Personal development Etc. The study on the above fields have shown that though subliminal messages influence a person either negatively or positively, the latter is being tapped through subliminal technology. The right use of this subliminal technology could lead you to a higher level improving your performance in any aspects. Remember, you are what you think you are. Use subliminal messages as an art to improve your performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: