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UnCategorized For what seems like an eternity women have posed the question: How on earth do we get rid of stretch marks? While the belief still proliferates in popular culture that there really is no geniune and reliable form of relief to the humble stretch mark, women in another demographic face a different problem. There problem is which sreatment to chose! You see there are in fact now many methods of treatment. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we now have the luxury to choose from subtly reducing their appearance to removing them from visibility .pletely, and the smart women amongst us have discovered this. The only question now is which treatment is the right one for me? First let’s look at the main forms of treatments available and attempt to make some .parison between them. First .es the humble stretch mark creams. Or so it seems! Stretch mark creams are the classic solution. Depending on which product you use, you can apply cream to the effected area and watch as the appearance of your marks reduces and gradually disappears from sight right before your very eyes. But there are a few things to watch out for. Some creams work only on the outer layer of your skin, slowly building new cells to cover the appearance without really solving the cause of the stretch mark which is a small tear or damage to the elastin of the skin on a trans dermal level. The true scientifically advanced stretch mark creams actually penetrate the skin to stimulate new growth of skin cells and produce collagen and elastin, ingredients that actually work to naturally repair damaged skin cells at an internal level and hence produce a lasting effect. (For more information you might like to research Trilastin SR) Next we move onto the more sinister laser treatment. If you can afford the price, you basically go under the glow of a laser light that is supposed to when concentrated on the effected area, influence the skin on a deeper level to produce more of the skin repairing chemicals in a similar manner to the creams. The argument against laser treatment however is that a laser by nature is designed to break down cells and so this effect may indeed offset the effect of the healing chemicals produced in the first place. In any case its main benefit is that its effects are fast. As to the consistency of this treatment, we are yet undecided as the natural skin pigment of the patient also plays a large part in the procedures success. And finally the grand daddy of all stretch mark treatment is the surgical procedure. You can have procedures like tummy tucks that will actually restretch the skin to its previous consistency and sometimes even tighter which physically and literally removes the stretch mark from existence. The pros and cons of this stretch mark treatment? The pros are that it works and no one can argue it. Instant relief from stretch marks and no worry ever again. The cons? Going under the knife, and paying the hefty price tag. Extravagant women pay thousands of dollars for similar procedures and for good reason. IF you are daring enough this stretch mark treatment is guaranteed to work for you. So there you have it. A brief description of the most .mon stretch mark treatments. Go forth and choose with confidence a method that is right for you and rid yourself of the embarassment of stretch marks for good. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: