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Health There are thousands around the country and US that are making their way through the medical system and going from doctor to doctor searching for pain relief that lasts. There is a myriad of different procedures that patients can turn to that are not proven to give lasting results. Whether people try to get rid of their issues with medications, physical therapy, or they actually turn to invasive procedures that are not proven for prolonged relief of their spinal conditions. Not to mention the simple fact that the majority of treatments from medical doctors .e with side effects. Side effects that are all taken to lightly when it .es to the future for thousands of sufferers. There is an actual medical condition that is coined by the term failed back surgery. The majority of surgeries do not last the test of time. Plus the conditions since an extremely high percentage are pressure related, meaning from gravity, pressure, and repetitive stress all .bine to squish out discal material and apply pressure to the nerve sheath causing extreme pain, tingling numbness, and other issues. Now science has finally caught up and found a clinical application that is helping even those with failed back surgeries. Its called spinal de.pression. There are clinics that have used traction for decades and that does provide relief from sprains and strains but long term has little to no effect on severe, otherwise surgical conditions. The reason being that the traction actually pulls on muscles and they engage very similar to the effect of putting you hand on a hot burner and pulling it away. Or a knee jerk reflex at your yearly check up. A reflex that when a muscle is pulled on it pulls away. Spinal de.pression and machines like the DRX9000 use multiple .puters with extreme sensitivity allow for a feed back loop. The breakthrough technology actually is so sensitive that it senses any tension or reflex in the muscles. This allows for the free floating table to actually create a negative pressure inside the spinal disc. The actual disc level can actually be targeted by adjusting the .puters and the machines as well as the patient position to angle where that disc level is in the vertebrae in the back. The two spinal bones, or .plete spinal motion segments as it is often referred to is gently pulled apart creating a suction that pulls back in the material that has pushed through the outer rings of the disc, thus the term de.pression. When the spinal de.pression machine works the gentle wave motion in and out it pulls back in the gel material through the rings of the outside of the spinal disc called the annulus. Once the back de.pression machine begins applying the treatment the patient generally feels it within a few minutes. Over the course of 20-32 treatments and 6 to 9 weeks the gel is pulled back in and the outer edge begins to heal up on the inside of the back very similar to a superficial cut would on the outside. This is where thousands who have suffered for decades of irritractable back pains have declared spinal de.pression as nothing less than a .plete miracle. After trying every other procedure under the sun they finally find relief with back de.pression machines similar to the DRX 9000 and with the DRX 9000. If you or someone you know is suffering from severe spinal stenosis or a recent or past failed back surgery then you may be an ideal candidate for the procedure. Not everyone will qualify for the treatment at the spinal de.pression clinic in Los Angeles. There is a new pain relief clinic in the Los Angeles area that is serving patients from all over the county. People from Beverly Hills, Torrance, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Glendale and all over the LA County have now traveled to one of the leaders in non surgical relief here in our area. About the Author: Kim is a health conscience writer in the Los Angeles area, serving the la county. Reporting on the latest technology for non surgical treatment and diagnosis of spinal related conditions and diseases. Focusing in on spinal disc pain and problems. Including pain management, spinal de.pression, and other non invasive options and procedures. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: