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SONY Mobile Xperia x will replace Z system to become the new flagship – Sohu Technology-zznba

SONY Mobile: Xperia X will replace Z to become the new flagship of Sohu technology – the day before yesterday, SONY mobile MWC 2016 launched a new intelligent mobile phone series Xperia X Xperia X Performance, which is also equipped with the latest Qualcomm SoC snapdragon 820 strongest, surprisingly, SONY’s flagship series of Xperia Z are don’t use Xiaolong 820, which is the new series of the first step, it is inevitable that we will have some questions. But today, Germany’s SONY mobile official has been given a reasonable explanation, they reply comments fans in Facebook: Xperia X series of the latest release will replace the existing Xperia Z series as Xperia’s flagship series, he also mentioned that Xperia Z6 does not exist, this series has been canceled. Xperia X system parameter list, that is to say, MWC 2016 on SONY Mobile released Xperia X Performance (equipped with Xiaolong 820) is 2016 SONY’s new generation flagship mobile phone. Don’t you know the latest SONY flagship Xperia X Performance is satisfying?

索尼移动:Xperia X将取代Z系成为新旗舰-搜狐科技   前天,索尼移动在MWC 2016上发布了它们新的智能手机系列Xperia X,其中Xperia X Performance还搭载了高通最新最强的SoC骁龙820,令人惊讶的是索尼的旗舰系列Xperia Z都还没用上骁龙820,而被新系列抢先一步,这难免让会大家产生一些疑问。   不过今日德国的索尼移动官方已经给出了合理的解释,它们在Facebook中回复粉丝留言:称最新发布的Xperia X系列将取代现有的Xperia Z系列作为Xperia的旗舰系列,他还提到Xperia Z6是不存在的,这个系列目前已经取消了。      Xperia X 系参数一览   也就是说MWC 2016上索尼移动发布的Xperia X Performance(搭载骁龙820)正是2016年索尼的新一代旗舰手机。不知道最新的索尼旗舰Xperia X Performance有让大家满意吗?相关的主题文章: