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Son die a crazy Jinjiang seven year old couple moved to a new home on the eve of the typhoon-www.tubecao.com

The son of a seven year old couple die a crazy Jinjiang typhoon before moving to a new home now to see about the past, the two old people could not stop the tears of Jinjiang Chen Tai Hai Wei cun. They leak Adobe typhoon SOUDELOR "was destroyed by last year, the local government, police and caring people to help them raise about 200000, built three houses, furniture and appliances and sent condolences to Kim; yesterday, struck in the strong typhoon" Meranti "Eve, they finally moved into a shelter for home. In two red typhoon warning "Quanzhou history SOUDELOR" and "Meranti", also mark the sadness and joy of the old couple. The couple are 70 year old Chen Youling and her husband, Lin Tianfu, aged 76. Yesterday, they finally moved into a new house to shelter. Hai Wei Village everyone knows that Chen Youling and his wife, because they are in this life is too bitter: two sons, a drowning, a mad couple; the legs of this year have been disabled; last August SOUDELOR transit, gave them the leaking ventilation of 20 square meters of real life no blank soil the two man was almost buried…… Now All sufferings have their reward. Chendai town government, village committee, Hai Wei Xian Shi border police station and good people in the village to help together to raise about 200000 yuan, in the collapsed buildings on the site, built 3 storey building for the elderly. Even if the typhoon "Meranti" landed, Chen Youling and her husband never curled up in bed, holding the quilt rain by hand. Thanks for all the kindness.相关的主题文章: