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Health The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has identified a total of 86 types of sleep disorders, with sleep Apnea being the most .mon disorder. Today, there are around 18 million Americans suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is caused when the soft tissues in the throat relax and block the throat when we breathe, thus setting off a panic reaction in the brain. This results in a drop in the blood oxygen levels, thus leading to a disturbed sleep. Sleep Apnea can contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, and heart attacks and is also responsible for high blood pressure. People suffering from diabetes, obesity, etc., are more prone to this disorder. Sleep apnea not only affects physical well being but also targets mental happiness. Patients suffering from sleep apnea are likely to be more restless and tired during the day, thus leading to depression. Sleep apnea can be treated, with proper diagnosis. Sadly, theres a silent majority out there thats suffering from sleep apnea, because they havent been diagnosed as yet. Thats precisely why, major manufacturer of CPAP masks ResMed and Respironics, have joined hands to educate people about the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. People with unexplained sleepiness and fatigue, especially with a history of snoring are a likely candidate for sleep apnea. Losing weight, avoiding alcohol, sedatives, and cigarettes and avoiding sleeping on your back are helpful for people diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. But for those diagnosed with Obstructive sleep apnea, doctors usually prescribe CPAP masks. These masks are worn on the nose and attached to a small air .pressor that blows air to the nose and uses pressure from keeping the airway from being blocked. However its important to choose the right CPAP mask, as every face contour is different and requires a different kind of mask. There are different manufacturers that you can choose from. You could either chose from a ResMed mask, Mirage mask, or a Respironics mask. But remember to work closely with your doctor and the supplier to find the right CPAP mask. You could also choose from a full face mask that covers the nose and mouth or opt for a nasal mask that fits under the nose. Patients who do not have problems with nasal blocks can also use CPAP nasal pillows. CPAP is almost 100 % effective, with zero side effects and are relatively inexpensive. People experiencing sleep fatigue are believed to get immediate relief with CPAP. These are also believed to reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases and help to control diabetes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: