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Singapore Open Song Yang Han won the runner up 3- sports Sohu SPIs Liang-66814

Singapore Open Song Yang Han won the runner up 3- sports Sohu SPIs Liang Beijing time on February 1st, by the Asian Tour Singapore race and the total prize day tour common certification of the $1 million SMBC open into the fifth round of the game for the golf club in Sentosa Island. Song Yang Han to 1 bar beat Jordan Speth, became the tournament’s first win of the Korean players, Liang Wenchong ranked third. South Korea’s Song Yanghan with a rod advantage into the game, finally after 9 hole 4 hole, all his poupa no mistakes, after 9 holes hit 34 under par 1, the last round of a 70 under par 1, a total score of 272 under par 12, by 1 shots. Victory over Jordan – SPIs, win while earning a $180 thousand prize, has become the first history of the Korean won’s. Jordan – Spieth played steady in the last two holes, he grabbed the fight to win or die birdie on the 18 hole, 9 hole shot 32 under par 3, the score of 66 under par 5, a total score of 273 under par 11, with only 1 bar was the runner up, he also received a bonus of $110 thousand. Spieth finished yesterday, Liang Wenchong was surpassed, the total score of 274 rod below par 10, ranked third alone, took away 63 thousand yuan bonus. (Alse)

新加坡公开赛宋杨汉夺冠 斯皮思亚军梁文冲第3-搜狐体育  北京时间2月1日,受到亚巡赛和日巡赛共同认证的总奖金额高达100万美元的SMBC新加坡公开赛在圣淘沙岛高尔夫球俱乐部进入到决胜轮次补赛的争夺。宋杨汉以1杆优势击败乔丹-斯皮思,成为了赛会历史上第一位拿下冠军的韩国球员,梁文冲排名第三。   韩国选手宋杨汉带着一杆优势进入补赛,后9洞的最后4洞,他全部保帕没有出现失误,后9洞打出34杆低于标准杆1杆,最后一轮打出70杆低于标准杆1杆,总成绩272杆低于标准杆12杆,以1杆的优势险胜乔丹-斯皮思,夺冠的同时拿到了18万美元的冠军奖金,也成为了赛会历史上第一位夺冠的韩国选手。   乔丹-斯皮思在最后两洞发挥稳健,背水一战的他在18号洞抓下小鸟球,后9洞打出32杆低于标准杆3杆,本轮打出66杆低于标准杆5杆,总成绩273杆低于标准杆11杆,仅以1杆之差屈居亚军,他也拿到了11万美元的奖金。   昨日完赛的梁文冲被斯皮思超越,总成绩274杆低于标准杆10杆,排名单独第三位,带走了6万3千元的奖金。   (Alse)相关的主题文章: