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Shijiazhuang is 8 kilometers long and waste left hundreds of sanitation workers cleaning up 7 hours-sichen

Shijiazhuang is 8 kilometers long and waste left nearly 7 hours of sanitation workers to clean sanitation workers to clean up the night spilling mud. (the City Management Committee for 7 hours) hundreds of sanitation workers to clean up after the public security investigation report from our correspondent (reporter Sun Huifang) 1 am in the morning of September 17th, stone city urban management department in the supervision and inspection of the sediment transport order, found serious pollution incidents scattered pavement pollution, pollution length of nearly 8 kilometers, an area of 72 thousand square M. The muck Yisa road pollution event along with the most serious this year. Has been reported to the public security departments to initiate an investigation, the investigation is full of vehicles and site. The same day at 1 pm, the inspectors found that Huai An Road, east ring roads have obvious scattered traces, stretches northward nearly 8 kilometers, has been to the North Second Ring road. Reporters on the scene saw the peace road to Xian Zhuang road soil piled 500 meters long, nearly 20 cm thick muck, Yuhua road to Zhongshan Road road more than 1000 meters of gravel and mud on the road. Urban management and law enforcement officers in the investigation and evidence collection, the city’s two ring road management office immediately organized nearly one hundred sanitation workers, more than a dozen multifunctional cleaning vehicles on the road to clean up. Sanitation workers sister Wang said: we started on the road more than 1:00 to clean up, even more than 7 hours to do the work, only to clean up, work pressure, I really hope they will not be so scattered." According to the city official responsible for urban management department, the muck Yisa harsh nature, the road is very serious pollution. At present, the public security departments have been on the alert, investigation. Next, the city, district two urban management departments will organize forces to cooperate with the public security departments of the people involved in vehicles and site investigation, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations for severe punishment. The public can call the hotline 12319 report.相关的主题文章: