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Shenzhen average price of 65 thousand yuan of new homes last year, $36 thousand (video) vy canis majoris

Shenzhen new home price 65 thousand yuan, 36 thousand yuan last year for the record data show that due to Longgang, Nanshan turnover significantly reduced, and the turnover fell slightly in Baoan this week, the city’s new turnover reduced by more than 20%. The city’s average price rose again, reaching 64820 yuan square meters, the chain last week’s $54284 square meters rose sharply by nearly 30%. From the second-hand housing transactions in the past month is indeed clear, more than one hand is to establish a solid foundation for residential. Experts expect the first quarter of fourth to the first half of next year will lead to a wave of small market, the second half of next year is likely to risk aggregation, the contradiction between leverage and growth is more prominent. In addition, according to the "twenty-first Century economic report" disclosed, according to the Shenzhen Planning Commission data, in September 2015 the city’s new residential average price of 36191 yuan / square meters, the chain was up only 0.1%; according to the chain of home data show that in September 2015 of second-hand housing average price of 37633 yuan square meters, a decline of 1.6%, the first half of Shenzhen housing prices skyrocketing, began to callback. According to the rough comparison of these two data, Shenzhen new home price has risen by 80% over the same period last year. New homes this week, the new house turnover of less than 20% of the record data show that, due to the significant reduction in turnover in Longgang, Nanshan, as well as a slight drop in turnover in Baoan, the city’s new home transactions this month, the chain decreased by more than 20%. Nandu statistics show that this week turnover of 599 sets of new homes compared with last week’s 796 sets of reduction of nearly 200 sets; the average price, the horoy one city center, rose four, Jin Hui Park project were in front, the city’s average price rise again, reaching 64820 yuan per square meter, 54284 yuan per square meter compared with last week’s a rose nearly 30%. Nandu real estate senior researcher Qiu Yongkuan said Monday the hand housing turnover decreased by more than 20% last week, appeared in a single day turnover of 350 sets of large, from a turnover ranking, is due to the concentration caused by contract. If you put aside the factor, compared to last week, this week, the volume of data is still showing growth of more than 10% qoq. In addition, regional differentiation trend is more obvious. The project is still less of new listings, Nandu statistics show that this week there are Yitian holiday mansion, auspicious in villa 2 projects pre-sale permit, the city’s new pre-sale housing 729 sets. Currently, more than half of September, the data show that the market is still less. As of September 15th, only 4 projects pre-sale certificate, 22 projects in September last year has been still worth noting is the distance, but the first half of September last year, only 5 pre-sale certificate, the specific situation remains to be seen this month. According to insiders, this year Kim Gu insufficient purity, "at present see atmosphere are artificial". The new opening or push, middle hospital data show that this week, the British Sky hero love county 3 days, hang Yue Lake three projects launched a new housing, which is located in Longgang County in 3 years time the main 71-113 square meters 3- 4 rooms, the average sales of 42 thousand yuan square meters. Baoan second-hand housing turnover for two consecutive days over Longgang statistics show that second-hand housing turnover in the second week of the 1796 sets相关的主题文章: