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Shenzhen 6 square meters of ant room leads to the investigation of the door as well as part of the a 3u8547

Shenzhen 6 square meters of real ants leads some real ants door survey will be scheduled for the sale of Sohu Financial Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming recently, the Shenzhen property market "headline" is a 6 square meters of the "ant occupied housing". However, the 6 square meters, ant room story continues: or extended to the door". In September 25th, the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Resources Committee official micro-blog released "on the overseas Chinese city is informed of the situation:" which related with the masses, which is the sale of overseas Chinese city is 6 square meters apartment, the price of 880 thousand yuan, the actual sales area is much larger than the area of property rights. I am appointed in conjunction with the Nanshan District Nanshan land management authority in the afternoon is under investigation, the survey results will be announced in a timely manner. In fact, this 6 square meters of the house has already released the wind. As early as the end of July this year, WeChat has announced the news, is in a real estate Shenzhen Nanshan District Baishizhou (Overseas Chinese city is the smallest apartment), only 5.73 square meters, there are several sets of 6 square meters of units, also known as "real ants". But at the time, the two time the reporter went to the real estate sales center, sales staff has denied the "ant room" at the beginning of the August market officially opened, the "ant room" has not appeared, only the main push 35 square meters and 45 square meters of the units. In recent days, 6 square meters of "real ants" suddenly a mysterious veil, ranging in size from 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters, but developers also donated 6 square meters, the actual use of the area can reach 12 square meters, with bathroom and kitchen. It is reported that a morning time, known as the only 9 sets of "ant" robbed a total of around 880 thousand. To 6 square meters, these ant room price close to $150 thousand per square meter. Although 70 years of residential property, but because the area is too small, so the down payment to about $500 thousand. However, there are sales staff told reporters that there are some ant room units will be scheduled for sale. In addition, the sales staff said that several sets of real ants "each set has the red house property card. This is a small family of historical issues left over, when the rules and regulations are not perfect, do a permit to recognize. And now it’s impossible." Sales staff said. Reporters learned that the new "residential design standards" went into effect in August 2012 clearly stipulates: "the minimum dwelling and living consists of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom etc., the use of the area should not be less than 22 square meters." In fact, less than 22 square meters of residential in Shenzhen there are many. Reporter survey found that, for example, Shenzhen Xu Fei series, Merlin area Karen garden, there are more than a dozen square meters of the house, such products can not do real estate license. Recently, similar to the overseas Chinese town is still a low price high price of a small apartment after another, but also caused great concern buyers. In Shenzhen Luohu Water Bay area, recently there is a place called Prince Edward Road of new flats scraper, formerly also Hotel, after re packaging into Shenzhen with the Department of junior high school degree high degree room. It is reported that 20 square metres of housing units in a pre-sale price of 2 million to $2 million 300 thousand, that is, a few.相关的主题文章: