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She did not care about cold cough check found half a right lung disappeared-quickchm

She did not care about cold cough check found half a right lung disappeared Metropolis Daily News, Metropolis Daily News (reporter Gao Jialong correspondent Jing Tong Zhu Pengfei) recently, Wuhan after a cold mother appeared strange, the doctor through the X-ray examination, was unable to find her right lung. After treatment, the doctor recovered the lost lung. Began to appear symptoms 70 year old sunpopo two weeks ago, at the same time, some chest pain cough, in the drugstore to buy cold medicine home for three days, chest pain symptoms can be eased, still coughing after sunpopo there is no special care, has been at home with my family over the years. The first two days, she suddenly felt chest tightness and shortness of breath, the family immediately sent her to Wuhan universal love hospital. The director of the Department of Cardiology, Li Li, found that the right lung of the mother’s mother had disappeared in half, and a large number of pleural effusion was unknown. The attending physician Gao Bo made a small operation for the mother, from the right side of the chest inserted into a drainage tube, drainage of nearly 2.5 liters of pale yellow liquid, and anti infection treatment. "Like sunpopo unexplained pleural effusion is rare, according to the effusion biochemical examination finally diagnosed mother suffering from tuberculous pleurisy, her right lung in X light disappeared half, is blocked by the effusion." The director Lee explained that patients with chest pain symptoms in the early cold, is likely to be caused by pulmonary infection, with the infection from the lungs to aggravate the inflammatory exudate formed slowly pleural effusion, because sunpopo after the cold has not been effective treatment, decreased resistance to infection of tuberculosis bacteria, the formation of tuberculous pleurisy. The doctor warned that recent warming, the temperature difference between day and night, their poor resistance in the elderly should be added in time according to the temperature change clothes, avoid cold. Once the symptoms of cough, fatigue, chest distress and other signs, should quickly seek medical advice, so as not to delay the disease. Editor in chief: Yang Yang, SN185, Yu Yue

老太感冒咳嗽没在意 检查发现半个右肺消失   楚天都市报讯 楚天都市报讯(记者高家龙 通讯员荆彤 朱鹏飞)近日,武汉一名婆婆感冒之后出现怪事,医生通过X线检查,竟然无法找到她的右半边肺。经过治疗后,医生才找回“丢失”的肺部。   今年70岁的孙婆婆两周前开始出现感冒症状,同时有些胸痛咳嗽,在药店里买了感冒药回家吃了三天,胸痛的症状有所缓解,可一直还在咳嗽,之后孙婆婆也没有特别在意,一直在家和家人过年。前两天她突然觉得胸闷气短,家人立即将她送到武汉市普爱医院。   该院心血管内科主任李论检查发现,婆婆的右肺消失了一半,胸腔还存在大量不明原因的积液。主诊医师高波为婆婆做了一个小手术,从胸腔的右侧插进一根引流管,引流出近2.5升淡黄色液体,并给予抗感染对症支持治疗。“像孙婆婆这样不明原因的胸腔积液比较罕见,而根据积液的生化检查最终确诊婆婆患有结核性胸膜炎,婆婆的右肺在X光照射下之所以消失了半个,就是被这些积液挡住了。”李论主任解释,患者在初期感冒时有胸痛症状,很可能就是肺部感染所致,随着感染加重炎症慢慢从肺部渗出到胸腔形成积液,由于孙婆婆感冒后一直没有得到有效治疗,抵抗力下降感染了结核菌,形成结核性胸膜炎。   医生提醒,近来气温变暖,早晚温差较大,自身抵抗力较差的老年人应根据温度变化及时增添衣服,避免感冒。一旦出现咳嗽、乏力、胸闷等先兆症状,应迅速就医,以免耽误病情。 责任编辑:于越杨 SN185相关的主题文章: