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Shanghai how to manage congestion disease comment rule blocking may wish to take some initiative-antik

Shanghai how to manage "congestion disease" comment: rule blocking may wish to take the initiative to work [summary] work blocked, work is blocked; usually go out work block, holiday travel or plugging…… A lot of big city traffic is generally at a snail’s space let people complain incessantly. Statistics on the average commuting distance and commuting time of urban commuters in the first half of 2016. Information pictures work blocked, work is blocked; usually go out to work blocked, holiday travel or plugging…… A lot of big city traffic is generally at a snail’s space let people complain incessantly. In the evening, on the way to the red brake lights without stop, but also intensive than street. People often send out such a sigh: "big city road congestion, saved?" How to fundamentally relieve traffic pressure and solve the problem of traffic congestion? We through the innovative practice of anatomic local governance congestion, dialogue related experts and scholars, I hope you give advice and suggestions to help government departments to mutual benefit by mutual discussion. Shanghai is the largest city in China, has more than 430 vehicles, more than 650 people, nearly 10 million vehicles driving non motor vehicle. Imagine, blocking should be the norm of the city. But the reporter did not expect that, during a recent peak late, driving on the street of Shanghai, did not "can’t do anything", but can maintain a certain speed, "than in the past, Shanghai traffic changed a lot!" Many members of the public told reporters. It is understood that since March this year, Shanghai to carry out large traffic regulation, road traffic order significantly improved. According to the comprehensive evaluation of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, the urban trunk road, the core business district congestion time to reduce the daily average of 1 hours or more, the peak time bus lanes generally speed up to more than 1 times. Seize the traffic violations remediation, based on the road potential is the so-called "no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan city road now have sidewalks, traffic signs and markings, etc., they are the driver of the guidelines is the guarantee of traffic order. But in many places, random change lanes, parking, running red lights are still common, a selfish, unruly impulse will often result in a traffic accident, a large area of congestion. Our in-depth investigation and analysis found that the appearance of urban road traffic congestion is mostly due to traffic chaos, and in the latter’s various causes, traffic violations accounted for more than 30%." Shanghai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps captain Xing Peiyi said. Shanghai City, firmly grasp the "rectification illegal traffic" this "hand", based on the road traffic improvement potential traffic. It is understood that the Shanghai city in the urban and suburban areas into areas of responsibility, a traffic police brigade set up the responsibility of each district, several streets and police correspondence, currently integrated into 84 brigade area of responsibility, detailed responsibilities to each area, each of the police. Traffic police are no longer just stand at the intersection of directing traffic, but also flow in a certain area, as long as it is visible to the law, we must all be punished." Shanghai City, Xuhui Public Security Bureau deputy director He He said, "we still carry out team logistics system, coordinate the police station involved in traffic law enforcement management. The latter相关的主题文章: