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Shandong, Heze, the first question in the first instance verdict 6 people were sentenced www.40sqw.com

Shandong Heze senior high school entrance examination questions leaked case verdicts sentenced 6 people – Beijing Legal Network News reporter Xu Peng recently, Shandong Province Economic Development Zone of Heze City People’s Court on the defendant Peng Moumou 6 people deliberately leaked state secrets case verdict, 6 were intentional leak state secrets crime were sentenced sentenced to six months to two years and six months, ranging from punishment. This year, some parents of students in senior high school entrance examination period, someone leaked ahead of the ideological and moral subject part questions. Heze municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to, in June 12th, the establishment of a joint working group composed of Supervision Bureau, Public Security Bureau, bureau of letters and visits and other departments, the rapid start of the investigation. In June 14th, the Information Office of the Heze Municipal People’s government through the official micro-blog released a bulletin: after Heze joint working group survey, Mudan District Experimental Middle School in senior high school entrance examination exam has declared yesterday behavior moral, investigation by the public security organs, the Education Bureau of Heze City Mudan District Experimental Middle school and 6 people involved were to take coercive measures. In June 16th, the Heze Municipal People’s Government Information Office official micro-blog released the Heze City senior high school entrance examination and subject content for moral opinions, subjects divided into Volume 1 (choice) and Volume II (non choice), the second volume has declared yesterday behavior. The Peony District, development zone, hi tech Zone themorality subjects II volume does not review, not scoring. The score of the subjects in this section is calculated according to the score of the first volume. The examinee score = Volume I score × (think of the total score of ÷ Volume I). At the same time, the full integration of educational resources, in 2016 unified enrollment plan to increase the number of 230 people in Heze, Heze II, the people of Heze, three people in the middle of the 100. Within the scope of the successful completion of the examination admission.相关的主题文章: