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Sea Hou Hou National Park site to build Han Feng Town VR technology through two thousand years-mmhouse

The sea in the park to build faint Hou Han Feng town of VR technology through two thousand years of the Han Dynasty in Nanchang sea country faint Hou relics administration party committee deputy secretary Peng India? Nanchang news network in the Ping Xiang Da Tang new district, Jingwo thousand years of Nanchang Han Dynasty tomb sea faint Hou is the best preserved, the most complete, most functional layout structure clearly, have the most complete sacrificial system of the Western Han Dynasty liehou cemetery discovered so far in China, is of great significance to study history and unique Han hou. The Party Congress report, will accelerate the Nanchang Han Dynasty Archaeological Park in the planning and construction of the sea with Hou, to build Nanchang province’s tourism core city and important domestic and international well-known tourist destination. In this regard, Nanchang municipal Party, the Han dynasty sea country faint Hou relics administration party committee deputy secretary Peng India? Said, will build the Nanchang sea Han faint Hou Ruins Park, tell a good story with sea Hou, refined sea faint Hou sing Sea brand culture, faint hou. Nanchang Han Dynasty Archaeological Park Construction of the park in the sea with Hou embodies the "Three Civilizations" fusion development concept lofty Han style public concern. Peng India? Said basic orientation of the Han Dynasty in Nanchang sea in ruins park faint Hou is: with the development of Nanchang city especially the Ganjiang River in Poyang Lake New Area as the basis, quality of ecological resources as the background, to the protection of cultural relics and tourism as leading to the Han Dynasty, the life experience as the core, the National Archaeological Park, national 5A level scenic spots, the world heritage as the standard, the construction of a set of cultural relics protection, cultural inheritance, cultural and creative industries, cultural tourism as one of the cultural tourism zone. "Fusion development orientation and the Congress proposed that the city civilization and industrial civilization, the concept of ecological civilization is closely related to the" Three Civilizations "fusion will be reflected in the site of the park project in the sea with hou." Peng Yin said that the construction of the Han Dynasty in the Nanchang sea Hou Hou Ruins Park, the action will be used to publicize and implement the integration of the three civilizations. VR technology allows tourists to travel back to the Han Dynasty, Peng Yin said that the Han Dynasty in Nanchang, the country will be the construction of the museum, with a series of cultural relics protection and display facilities. Because the scenic area is very large, so long term physical construction, investment, VR technology will be a lot of applications in the future. Modern science and technology has a broad application space, we will absorb the most advanced technology at home and abroad, through the most convenient way to allow visitors to experience the Han culture and Han civilization in the scenic area." Peng Yin?. The Han Dynasty in the sea of Nanchang Hou Hou ruins park will also create a Han Town, which is not only the life experience of the Han Dynasty project, but also cultural and creative industries. Han Han town life experience, visitors can feel the Chinese millennium civilization and tradition, through a series of projects and forms, the first show, and then experience." Peng Yin?. Han Feng Town, cultural and creative industries and the Han life experience. For example, the sea tomb unearthed a large number of faint Hou exquisite lacquer, a lot of people making and application of the lacquerware of interest, we will set up a region, then the whole process of lacquer ware production display, let the clock back two thousand years, showing a piece of wood into a fine paint process, and then through the VR)相关的主题文章: