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San Diego Raid Recovery Drive Medics, San Diego’s premier Raid and Data Recovery experts have put together a list of 4 important things you need to consider involving Raid recovery. When looking for Emergency Raid recovery (RAID 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) don’t let a novice shop experiment on your data. These shops will not have the proper equipment or expertise to properly handle your Data Recovery issue and often work out of their garage. Experienced data recovery companies will follow a standard set of RAID data recovery procedures. This usually includes an initial evaluation, where trained technicians carefully examine the array to diagnosis the exact nature of the problem. Also, they’ll will attempt to make an image of the failed hard drives. The RAID data recovery specialists will then extract the data from the image, and work to piece it together. There are 4 critical points to consider when Raid recovery is involved to ensure the successful recovery of your data. 1. Alterations- Be careful not to make any server RAID bios configuration changes. 50% of the time, enthusiastic network technicians prevent recovery through experimentation. 2. Drive Removal- Before removing the drives from the server, ensure you call our team so we can work together with proper documentation and handling. Many times, network techs have a general understanding, but require a RAID specialist to just simply guide them through expert details, often making the difference on complete raid recovery. 3. Price- Paying the extra money for the facility that has laser, robots, and nano technologies is well worth the extra money. Once a technician tries to get your data, they lower the odds someone else can be successful. Altering the calibration settings or memory can be catastrophic. A RAID specialist typically has years of experience in various reassembly techniques. 4. Caution- An experienced company will often not work on the original drives. Drive cloning is extra time but usually worth the extra effort. Even cloning is an art and requires the latest technologies. Further, details such as drive composition and order is a critical element in recovery. Your data is important and seeking professional help for RAID recovery is a mandatory. Professional Raid recovery means relying upon an established and highly regarded data recovery company with manufacturer original tools and industry experience About the Author: Drive Medics Data Recovery is a nationally renowned provider of high-end Emergency Data Recovery Services. They are the premier Data Recovery services provider in the San Diego area by engineering and optimizing data recovery techniques ranging from the home user level to advanced RAID server configurations. Serving La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Mission Valley, Rancho Bernardo and surrounding San Diego areas. Visit Drive Medics @ http://drivemedics.com or call 858-560-DATA Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Data-Recovery 相关的主题文章: