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Said the 100 men were actually the scene (video) denka

Said the 100 men were actually the scene? Today many people go to Chongqing Yubei to participate in the propaganda of a so-called "magic star animation festival organizers site 100 maid group results are so dahushangdang well 100 is the maid group such a spectacular scene? I think it’s a little exciting!!! (pictures from the network) when the number of Indoorsman Indoorswoman came to the scene after it was found that the actual situation is that this number is multiplied by 2 field no 100 maids… In the cartoon exhibition Yubei Ranjiaba square SM morning tickets sold are not more than 100 copies of some of the exhibitors think the organizers said 100 people false propaganda maid group there was no but the organizers gave this statement to you. You say this is serious? All the people at the scene felt ten thousand animal in the running to exhibitors who told the 630 material they are brother in the "Chongqing star magic culture media company" learned the "Animation Festival" of the entire animation exhibition organizers publicity area of 4000 square meters and some businesses pay 3000 yuan to the actual situation may not advertised exhibitors who think the organizers alleged false propaganda has been complaints to the relevant departments of the said 100 people were so the maid mission site?相关的主题文章: