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Resentful mood is rising, the more exposed the emptiness inside-punyu

Resentful mood is rising, the more exposed the emptiness inside public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! This article from the WeChat public, the "psychological you" original title: more complex, more angry setbacks prone to inferiority in life often hear the word "inferiority complex", people are so many people who are also evaluation, so there are a lot of people due to their. Inferiority as a halo with a little timid, uneasy color words, in the end how to understand it? In a simple sense, due to the relatively backward development of dialectical thinking, or physical and other defects, as well as the lack of life experience, people tend to have a sense of inferiority in the face of setbacks. If someone looks bad, poor families, will reveal a pessimistic mood, always feel that everything is better, do not fight for it. The vine, dare not fight for inferiority it rare? We may not, everyone more or less to hide the inferiority of the undercurrent, but its source is different, different. Some people are very confident, and even make people feel a bit arrogant, this blind arrogance, sometimes it is a kind of inferiority illusion. Refuse to fail, establish himself as the stalwart and image – inviolable: I is noble, my faith is so pure, others do not care about criticism and accusations, no matter who can shake me (success and progress, the goal, I rise head and shoulders above others) is the best (why this so let the person daydream? Well, I didn’t do it on purpose. Some people like them on the contrary, inferiority of the birthmark, long in the face, in the heart. It appears that you can see in his moment, the smell of him who comes out of the "inferior" atmosphere. How can I compared to others? I do not look good, the family is also general, not to mention the work, not even luck. Forget it. I don’t think I deserve it. The humble "inferiority complex" ubiquitous and complicated components, humble, grievances, ignorance, arrogance, arrogant behind, mostly implicated the inferiority of the mind, so most people are very. From the point of view of the way of doing things, the inferiority complex is often hard, in order to control the situation, but also in order to exceed others, access to absolute advantage, they do not know fatigue, self motivation. Perhaps they are not interested in the things themselves, and they are excited about the process of effort, the thrill of success and the surrender of others. They don’t allow themselves to fail because they will lose the crown. In fact, they never put the crown on their heads. Real strong men understand their pros and cons, know how to avoid weaknesses rather than blindly chase. The inferiority of the people desperately trying to cover up that part of their deepest defects, the more the cover up, the more obvious. When one day, the strong engine failure, frustration comes, everything painstakingly burst, is their most serious disaster. I am the best, how could this be? Another kind of self-esteem, self-esteem becomes their protective color. They may not have found depressed in his heart not much, if any complex. They are fragile and sensitive, when the outside world gives them some slight stimulation, and相关的主题文章: