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Redundancy Can Be A Time Of Challenge As Well As Opportunity -shishangqiyi

Careers-Employment As well as being a challenging experience, redundancy can be a time of great opportunity. Being made redundant can be an opportunity to consider a different path for the future such as retraining, starting your own business or even having a mini retirement. One way of helping with both the challenge and the opportunity of redundancy is to experiment with new experiences whilst we are deciding on the right path. Experience which can open your mind to new ideas and help maintain confidence levels. And I was reminded of that fact in a very powerful way over the weekend. I went along to support a friend a tenor with his local choir at a charity event which also included a small local food fair. I had never been to any of his gigs before and was expecting something quite simple and genteel this was after all Sunday afternoon in a tiny West Sussex seaside village. The base for the event was a local pub outside there were a couple of stalls including the .pulsory (top quality sausages of course) hot dog bar. And Im still not sure whether this was the original intention or a result of the freezing Spring weather, but all the other stalls were inside the pub! As we walked through the door, we were presented with a throng of people crammed inside sitting, standing and others generally milling around trying to find space to browse the stalls. When I saw this naturally I thought the choir would have to perform outside but no, the choirmaster would have none of it. It was too cold. She sent off two of her members to stake a claim on one corner of the pub, gradually easing out the very .fortable looking incumbents and even more gradually shepherding the whole choir through the crowd, stepping over toddlers and dodging spilling glasses until they were all in their rightful places tenors at the back, basses on the left, sopranos on the right. Even before they started to sing, they made quite an impression. All ages from 17 to 71 plus. All shapes and sizes some dressed to impress, others more relaxed. The choirmaster (mistress/leader?) set up her music stand, gave the signal andwell that was it for the next hour and a bit. A hush descended over the audience whilst we were treated to a variety which went from Louis Armstrong to the Foo Fighters and the Black Eyed Peas. There is no doubt the singing was impressive but the thing that struck me most was the obvious enjoyment each and every member of the choir was getting from what they were doing. Faces lit up, smiles that went from ear to ear and oozing with confidence. Speaking to some of them afterwards, they all reinforced what Id seen on their faces. The sheer pleasure and satisfaction they got from being part of the group. Most described going to the choir each Tuesday as the highlight of their week. Lots of friendships and even some business contacts had been made. I think there is even a wedding on the cards! Whats all this got to do with redundancy? Well it struck me that when we are facing times of challenge and opportunity, times when we want to take a step back and consider what to do with the rest of our lives, we should maybe try something different, something which will help maintain or boost our confidence levels or put a different perspective on life for us. And I saw evidence on Sunday of people who had done just that. Is there something different you can try? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: