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Rao did not meet the small German is not Murray’s fault he deserves No.1-pullip

Rao: I met the small German is not Murray’s fault that he deserved No.1 Rao Niki sina sports news Beijing on November 20th news, the 2016 ATP finals continue in London, semi finals, Rao Niki battled for 3 hours and 38 minutes after Murray was reversed after Laoni assessed his odd play for the first year-end dispute is given their views, but also on their own season is summarized. Once the distance is very close to the final victory, tragic reversal, Rao Niki said after the game: "the last war to this extent, I am proud of myself, is most proud of my good implementation of the coach’s tactics on the court today, I have to take a few days, my body will feel very tired but, I am really proud of myself." The finals and the world’s first and second world dedu Murray played, and will be two cornered, Rao Niki points out the reasons for the failure: "I think they are very good at capturing the fighters, they in this tournament than I have experience, for such a big scene also experienced many times, I have two games get more chance to break a party, but did not grasp, but I am very proud of this season in the first time I played with them to such an extent." At the end of the year the world’s first suspense continues, Rao Niki Prospect Road: "Murray did very well, very fast to catch up with the footsteps of Novak and Novak, now he is out, this is a huge challenge for him, if tomorrow is really the two of them played the title battle, then I want to love tennis who is the best results." A reporter mentioned Murray in the second half of the year and did not come across a small German, this is his first in the world is not so perfect in this regard, Rao Niki denied: "Tennis Ranking is very fair, who is the first representative who in that year is the best, and he who is not against you Never mind. It can be said that Andy did not meet Djokovic, but to some extent this is not Novak’s fault? Andy plays every week, but Novak doesn’t come out. Whether they can play tomorrow or not, Andy is no doubt the best player in 2016." "My goal is to continue to maintain a healthy next year, this is the only thing I worry about, most of the time I can play it very well, but compared to keep rising trend, I will also be proper rest, let yourself completely recovery, keep in health." Rao Niki finally said. (rod)相关的主题文章: