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Rail air attack holiday return peak Lanzhou station sent about 50 thousand passenger trips – -exit safe mode

Rail air attack holiday return peak   Lanzhou station to send visitors about 50 thousand passengers – Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: rail air attack holiday return peak Lanzhou station to send visitors 50 thousand passengers about the seven day National Day vacation ended, people go out to play relaxed also have set foot on the return journey back to the post. Yesterday, the provincial highway, railway, civil aviation has also ushered in the peak passenger flow return after the holiday, the Lanzhou station is expected to send about 50 thousand passenger trips; Huanlan high-speed, east direction out of the city of Lanzhou, Lanzhou to the airport road traffic is large. Lanzhou railway station is expected to send about 50 thousand passengers at 11 yesterday morning, the reporter saw at the Lanzhou station, the waiting room was full of waiting for the bus passengers, some of the station square in front of the pit mouth were lined up. According to LanZhou Railway Station ticket clerk, during the National Day holiday, Lanzhou station daily traffic continued to be between 43 thousand passengers to 45 thousand passengers. The afternoon of October 6th from the station ushered in the eleven small holiday return peak, yesterday reached the peak, sent about 50 thousand passenger trips. Lanzhou station during the long holiday is mainly in the long-distance passenger based, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou direction of the train ticket is more tense. Yesterday to return mainly short haul passenger traffic, Tianshui, Baoji, Xi’an, Jinchang, Wuwei and Jiayuguan direction of the passenger flow is relatively large, but from the ticketing system, ticket is relatively abundant source of short distance direction. It is understood that during the long holiday to facilitate passenger travel, Lanzhou Railway Bureau in October 1st, 4 in Lanzhou, West to Chengdu to open K4068 5 times, in October 2nd, 5 in Chengdu, Lanzhou to the west room to open K4066 7 passenger train. The road from the airport, Huanlan high-speed road traffic dense road, October 1st, 2, the Lanzhou bus station ushered in the peak passenger travel, the bus station to send visitors daily nearly 25 thousand passengers, Lanzhou passenger transportation center to send visitors daily about 15 thousand passengers, the bus station daily passenger volume of nearly 20 thousand people. During the holiday, Lanzhou bus station peak overtime about 300 trips added 4 temporary ticket window in advance through the Internet within 10 days of the pre-sale tickets; Lanzhou bus station peak overtime 168 flights, to open 5 ticket window. Yesterday the stations were ushered in return peak passenger flow. The eleven year long vacation highway to continue car toll free policy, national day, Lanzhou to Dingxi, Tianshui, Qingyang, Pingliang direction of traffic, the main road traffic congestion phenomenon appeared, especially in October 1st in Lanzhou city of Tianshui road high speed road entrance from 7 in the morning when we lined up, always to 3 PM just before the road traffic gradually returned to normal. From the beginning of October 6th, the return peak gradually formed, traffic G30 Lianhuo and loyalty to Elm Road section, Lanzhou exit toll stations, traffic flow, vehicles entering the city of Lanzhou in the traffic police, traffic officers under the command of Lanzhou from the West toll station, Lanzhou North toll station, East Lanzhou toll station, Liu Gou he charges stop traffic. Yesterday, the last day of vacation, return peak from the beginning of 8, Lanzhou city traffic flow is larger, Lanzhou to the direction of the airport traffic is large, the rest of the road)相关的主题文章: