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R&a did not ban Telangputanboli could still do the British Open-running man 20130908

R& A did not "ban" Trump Staw Baillie could still do the British Open Saitanboli four times have hosted the British Open sina sports news Beijing time on February 23rd, R& A Perth CEO Martin – srang (Martin Slumbers) on Monday that Trump Staw Baillie (Turnberry) is still in the 10 British open field rotation, but the seat of Scotland Lnks and wait for a while to usher in the next British open. The Turnberry once four times British Open, most recently in 2009 2014, the stadium was the American real estate tycoon Donald Trump (Donald Trump) acquisition. Related reading: Trump mocked Obama too headstrong to play golf to invite suitable candidates for president Trump is now U.S. Republican presidential candidate, last year he comments on immigration authorities have angered the golf, that the U.S. occupation Golf Association canceled PGA Golf grand slam. The match was scheduled to be held at Trump’s Losangeles stadium. By December, media reports that Trump had bought the boutique for several years had been removed from the British open. But when a media interview in his office in St Andrews, Martin is still in Perth srang houtanboli confirmed R& A finds that the British 10 best golf links ". But the British Open stadium contractors have been identified in 2019, J Ron Bose warned: the British Open to the earliest houtanboli until 2022. Trump bought in 2014 2020 and 2021 "Turnberry site, we have entered the final stage of the negotiations, including a session in England, another session in St Andrews." J Ron Bose said, "in those negotiations — be sure since I came here, no sense of the meeting, turnberry. When it comes to 2022 and beyond, I think I don’t have to think about it for the next two years." Last year, J Ron Bose replaced Peter Dawson (Peter Dawson) as R& the chief executive of A, which is after the Turnberry hosted the women’s British Open soon. This ordinary love to the venue in the event held a few days before, J Ron Bose warned that if the British Open to recent Turnberry words, he would rather focus within the ring. "I’d rather focus on golf and golf related things." J Ron Bose told the guardian, "we’re hosting the British Open for Sunday’s coronation of the golfer. I want to focus on golf better, because that’s what we’re playing for." (wind)

R&A并未“封杀”特朗普 坦伯利仍可能办英国公开赛 坦伯利曾经四次承办英国公开赛   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月23日,R&A执行总裁马丁-斯朗伯斯(Martin Slumbers)星期一确认特朗普坦伯利(Turnberry)仍旧在英国公开赛的10个轮换场地之中,可是这座苏格兰的林克斯球场且要等一阵子才能迎来下一届英国公开赛。   坦伯利曾经四次承办英国公开赛,最近一次是2009年,2014年该球场被美国房地产大亨唐纳-特朗普(Donald Trump)收购。   相关阅读:特朗普嘲讽奥巴马太任性 总统打高尔夫需邀合适人选   特朗普现在是美国共和党的总统候选人,去年他对移民发表的言论惹恼了高尔夫的主管机构们,以至于美国职业高尔夫协会取消了PGA高尔夫大满贯赛。该比赛原定于特朗普的洛杉矶球场举办。到12月份的时候,有媒体报道特朗普购买没几年的这座精品林克斯球场已经被英国公开赛除名了。   可是在圣安德鲁斯自己的办公室中接受媒体采访的时候,马丁-斯朗伯斯就证实坦伯利仍旧在R&A认定的“英国10个最好的林克斯球场”之中。可是英国公开赛的承办球场已经确定到了2019年,斯朗伯斯提醒道:英国公开赛最早去坦伯利也要等到2022年。 特朗普于2014年买下坦伯利   “2020年和2021年的场地,我们已经进入了最后的谈判阶段,其中一届会在英格兰,另外一届会在圣安德鲁斯。”斯朗伯斯说,“在那些谈判之中——可以肯定自从我来这里之后——没有道理会议论坦伯利。谈到2022年以及以后的场地,我想未来两年我都不用考虑。”   斯朗伯斯去年接替彼得-道森(Peter Dawson)成为R&A执行总裁,也就是在坦伯利承办英国女子公开赛之后不久。特朗普通常爱在赛事举行之前的几天去比赛场地,而斯朗伯斯提醒说如果英国公开赛近期去坦伯利的话,他宁愿关注的焦点在绳圈之内。   “我宁愿赛事的焦点在高尔夫以及高尔夫相关的事情上。”斯朗伯斯对《卫报》说,“我们主办的英国公开赛是为了在星期天晚上加冕年度冠军高尔夫球手的。我想专注在高尔夫上更好,因为那是我们举办比赛的目的。”   (小风)相关的主题文章: