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Qianxian County villagers find accomplices stole 27 pieces of two continuous excavation of the late -hypersnap-dx

Qianxian County villagers find accomplices stole 27 pieces of two continuous excavation of the late Tang Dynasty cultural relics of Chinese daily news (reporter Ma Xinbin) accidentally found a tomb in his village earth trench, a village in Qianxian County to find friends two nights continuous excavation, the size of 27 stolen relics of the Tang Dynasty, one of white porcelain bowl was identified as the national three level cultural relics. "The tomb!" In October 8th, the Qianxian County Public Security Bureau police station suddenly received Qianling villagers, Da Yang Xiang Xianning Cun Qianxian County tomb is tomb excavation, and it is the villagers zhao. Rushed to the scene after the alarm, the police found the stolen tomb located in the village of a soil trench, the tomb was excavated in three or four meters deep. And in the case of the police station to start detective Qianling, Qianxian County Public Security Bureau patrol brigade has to investigate the case for a period of time. It turned out that they had received a report in June this year, and has successfully recovered stolen artifacts, but has not yet arrested the suspects arrested. In October 10th, police in Sanyuan will suspect Man Wang and Gao has arrested, and online pursuit of the other two suspects Zhao and often a start. Soon, Zhao was arrested by the police in Xinjiang, and in October 19th was brought back by the Qianxian County police. In 2015, Zhao accidentally in his village a soil trench was found after the rain erosion exposed the tomb, then move the mind, and to find the "experience" of Wang, a high and often work together. The same year the end of February, through premeditated Capitol, Zhao a line of 4 people while the dark no occasion, carrying a flashlight, shovels and other tools, from a high lookout, the rest of the tomb for two consecutive nights of excavation, theft of copper Maqian, earthen lamps lights, white glaze and porcelain pottery and other funerary goods 27 a. Qianling police station deputy director Ren Yuyang introduced to the Tang Dynasty tomb tomb stolen in general, the identification of cultural relics in Shaanxi Province Research Center identified 27 cultural relics stolen all the relics of the Tang Dynasty, the white porcelain bowl, three national heritage, has a high historical and artistic value. At present, Zhao, Wang and Gao have been arrested, Qianxian County police are also a suspect often launched a full arrest. Note: video only for extended reading. The excavation of cultural relics in the amount of 300 million相关的主题文章: