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.puters-and-Technology In IT field, everyone needs to upgrade his knowledge regularly, whether he is a student or a working professional. For most people time is an impediment, so they can choose an online training option rather than traveling to an offsite class. The online training option is more convenient and cost effective. Chances are that you may have heard about K alliance, a Florida, US based .pany. As one of the leading online training .panies, K alliance offers a .plete range of e- learning solutions. You have the option of choosing DVD, CD, online, or intranet training courseware. Whichever courseware you choose, K alliance training will help you achieve your goals. One visit to their website and you can see the number of training courses that they offer. K alliance training courses range from IT training, certification training, soft skills, and desktop office. They can custom design a courseware for you if you do not like what they have on offer. Certification programs are developed in partnership with .panies like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and .pTIA. K alliance keeps itself abreast with all the technologies and keeps updating their course content as well as learning delivery systems. Not only do they offer IT training, but there are number of soft skills like customer service, sales, time management, anger management, ethics, decision making, marketing, motivation, public speaking, which are offered. .panies can train their employees in these management skills which hare so crucial. The K alliance training can be made available through your .panys intranet, saving the traveling cost. Online training has many benefits over traditional classroom training in terms of cost and time saving. .panies can make use of training videos to upgrade the skills of their workforce. Not only will the staff get trained, it will increase the productivity also. Offsite classes will require the employees to be out of the office for a long time, lowering the productivity. But .puter based training (CBT) videos allow the flexibility to choose the right time for training. Whats more, the courses are self paced, to suit everyones learning needs and requirements. The quality of training videos of K alliance can be judged from the fact that many big .panies use K alliances .puter based training (CBT) videos for their employees. K alliance training videos feature instructor led sessions with discussions, presentations, and demos, explaining concepts in a very simple manner, one which students can retain for a long time and apply them at their work place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: