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Promote the construction of 21 historical and cultural protection in Hangzhou basically completed re-3u8547

Promote the construction of the protection of Hangzhou 21 historical and cultural blocks basically completed the renovation of Hangzhou’s historic buildings is an important witness to the development of the city. This year, Hangzhou housing management departments to regulate the protection of historic buildings, and promote the protection work, according to 2016 the city completed 26 historic district remediation goals, as of now, Hangzhou has been basically completed 21 of the protection of historical and cultural blocks rectification work. In order to do a better job in 2016 historical building protection work, two urban housing management departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Hangzhou city historical and cultural blocks and historical buildings protection regulations" and its implementation rules, combined with "on the relevant work, strengthen the transformation of the old residential housing renovation of historical and cultural street area, historical building protection and management of the notice" and other documents request, make the 2016 work plan, protection and renovation plans to complete the 26 historical and cultural blocks. At present, Meijiawu, Beishan street, River Street, straight, Gongchen Bridge West Dadou Road, left, and Pingyuan River, Xing, street – Hui Xing Road, Zhongshan Road Commercial Street, Zhongshan Road (South and North), five lane, Zhongshan Road, Liu Xiang Xiao Ying Kui Xiang, Xingan – fifteen, an Jia Tang, Longxiang, hook mountains, Xin Fang, Si Wulin Road 21 historical and cultural blocks protection and renovation has been completed. According to the historical building protection management department responsible person, the remaining 5 – hubiancun (Quanye Li block), Surabaya Fang, Xiang Shaohua – Qia Feng Li, Jian Bridge Road, Yuan Fu Xiang (South) is the implementation of the protection of historical and cultural blocks. At the same time, 12 infrastructure projects included in the historical and cultural district renovation project in the road on the road street an Rong Fang comprehensive environmental remediation and other 8 projects have been successfully completed. , Gongchen Bridge West Dadou road and other 4 projects are organized in renovation.相关的主题文章: