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Pornographic president was expelled from active Mistress – Guangdong – exposed pornographic c 8l9840

Pornographic president was expelled from   active Mistress – Guangdong – exposed pornographic channel people.com.cn original title: pornographic president was expelled from the party for the net exposure of active mistress exposed pornographic "Henan Luyi Chapaev bilingual school principal Wang Xingwen pornographic incident, 13 reporters from Luyi official informed that Wang Xingwen has been expelled from the party and the local commission for Discipline Inspection. The school board has been removed from the principal duties. Many days, a "Henan Luyi County Education Bureau Wang Xing steady, you are my youth, my hard-earned money! "Post, illustrated in the network crazy pass space. From the posts of the more than and 10 bed according to the "visible, suspected in the hotel room, a naked man and a woman lying in bed, and two indecent behavior. The article, "with you for three years, you want a divorce to marry me, buy a house for me, now I put my money to you to do business together, you lose everything, added a new one, I will not let you continue to deceive a woman, I am not afraid of your killer……" And so on statement to make people pay attention. According to the network of public opinion, Luyi County Propaganda Department 13 to the reporter sent a briefing, October 8, 2016, Luyi County Bureau of education leadership Wang Xingwen "appeared on the network, but also my youth! Net post. After the discovery of this clue, Luyi County Commission for Discipline Inspection quickly set up an investigation team to reflect on the issue of the network in a timely and serious investigation. The investigation, Wang Xingwen since October 2009 has served as secretary of the Party branch of private private Luyi county middle school Chapaev bilingual school, and the school board, was appointed as the principal of the school. Recently, the Internet users to reflect their improper sexual relations with others, the investigation and evidence collection, the situation is true. Informed that Wang Xingwen’s behavior is a serious violation of Party discipline, resulting in extremely bad social impact. In October 9th, Luyi County Bureau of education in accordance with regulations for investigation of Chapaev bilingual middle school Wang Xingwen suspended; in October 12th, the Luyi County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting decided to give Wang Xingwen expelled from the party, and the Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school board of directors decided, replacing the principal Wang Xingwen Chapaev bilingual school position. Luyi County Bureau of Education Information Center Director Li previously surveyed, Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school is a private school, but the school party secretary Wang Xingwen department appointed by the Bureau of education in-service for staff. (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: