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Travel-and-Leisure Beijing, the capital of China is one of the most visited cities in Asia in the last two decades. It is a country which has got blend of both the ancient civilization and the modern metropolis. It has large range of tourist attractions to offer. According to a survey, there are almost 7,309 cultural heritage sites in the Beijing, which make it the perfect place for tourists seeking such places. The Government of China openly promotes its tourism industry to get more and more visitors each year. Special incentives are given to promote tourism in the country. Visiting Beijing is very cheap as .pared to other cities. The taxi fares are low, food is available at affordable prices and there are ample hotels. One of the most exceptional places to visit is the Forbidden City. It has 800 building which remained unseen by the people for a long time. The most eminent building is the Imperial Palace which was .pleted in 1406. It took 200,000 workers and 14 years to .plete this city. If you are nature loving person then Sun-Yat-sen Park is the best place to visit. It lies in the South-west of the Imperial Palace. It was basically built in 1421 for the Chinese Emperor who used to offer sacrifices at the altar two time a year; once during the spring for good harvest and then during the thanksgiving. The park was opened for the public in year 1914. The altar is still there in the center of the park. Tiananmen Square is an important political and tourist destination in Beijing. It was built in Maos reign during 20th century. On one side, the Museum of Chinese History is located while on the other side Great Hall of the People and Maos mausoleum is situated. It gained popularity during 1989 when pro-democracy protests took place in the same open area. It is still considered to be the focal place which is visited by all foreign dignitaries visiting Beijing. If you are a fan of History then The National Museum of China is a must place for you to visit. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Beijing. The museum was built in 1926 and it holds a vast collection of artifacts which almost amount to 300,000. You will see bronze ware, pottery, ceramics and other hardware of the old civilizations. There is another museum called Museum of Chinese Revolution located in the same building but it mainly covers the history of Chinese .munist Party. Beijing has remained as one of the most important strategic cities of the Chinese Dynasty in the history. Many walls were built around Beijing, but the wall built under the Ming Dynasty during 1368-1644 still remains preserved. It serves as the most popular tourist attraction. It is 373 miles long with 71 passes and countless towers. It has got around 827 city wall platforms. The Great Wall of China along with other prominent buildings of Beijing is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, with such attractions, your tour to Beijing will give you one of the best times of your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: