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People’s Daily: leading cadres at the grassroots level can adhere to a new network performance in the original title: "down" to "up" (people’s Forum) on the grasslands of Africa, there is a hair tip grass, is the tallest "king of the grassland". But its growth process is very special: in the first half of the year is only an inch high, and even can not see the growth. And when the rainy season comes, it is like a magic, 35 days can grow to a height of one or two meters. It turned out that before the rainy season, tip grass is not long, but in the long down: 6 months time, it can take up to 28 meters underground. The tip of the grass grows down to save the upward force. This "down" and "Dialectics up", is the hair tip grass to our enlightenment: the performance of their duties, general business, not anxious, ambitious, and to lay a solid foundation and practice "the root vigor, can really make some achievements, talent shows itself, to stabilize the pace. Positive, as soon as possible out of the cause, to be recognized, it is understandable, but also normal. But in reality, there is always a small number of Party members and cadres can not find the way up, but also put the position is not down. Or domineering, superior, even reluctant to let people terrified, afraid to close; or heedless of the long-term, do some performance engineering, or floating style, specious writing; feel not clear, flighty and impetuous, can not see the problem. To think, the end result is the pace of instability, not only can not really up, but there will be dangerous tumble. Down, in order to give up to absorb nutrients, accumulation of strength; and to get on, on the basis of stability, but also inseparable from the solid foundation, root stability. The combination of up and down, so that the upward downward purpose, so as to become the next step up the ladder, learning to tip grass, perhaps it is necessary. Down, down to earth is rooted in the grassroots. If there is no hard down hair tip grass roots, not as much as possible to absorb nutrients and moisture, eventually vigorous. "To see the shallow water fish in deep water, those who see the dragon", down the leading cadres, the first thing is to open people’s worship as a teacher. If you can not sink in the heart at the grassroots level to lay the foundation, practice real work, nutrition, it is difficult to do anything. Only bent to listen to understand, to observe, to appeal, the crux of the development problem of the masses, it is down to earth, it is long to. Down, down is heavy feeling. Mao Zedong once said, "we Communists are like seeds. When we come to a certain place, we will join with the people there and take root and blossom among the people". The roots go firmly enough, deep enough to get strong support. That year, Jiao Yulu is full of truth, I am your son, and the distance between the masses, and finally get the recognition of the masses. Down, that is, to the masses, to sit on a bench to sleep a Kang, a bowl of rice to take a road. How close to the masses, determines how much support you can get, how much growth harvest. Down, is to solve problems. "Action is the most convincing", all in all, do a good job as down-to-earth. Down, not through the field, labeling, and not just research, investigation, but also相关的主题文章: