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Pengshui Village the new road to bring new life – Chongqing window – People’s network baxia

Pengshui patio Village: the new road to bring new life – Chongqing window – the people’s livelihood of the new village road network is set up to facilitate the villagers travel. Photo by reporter Zheng Yu in September 27th, is market day courtyard village. The town is not wide streets, crowded with the villagers — most of them are riding a motorcycle, sitting in a van, or driving a small truck to go to the market. A new cement road, convenient courtyard village travel, but also opened up a new life in the village courtyard. Pengshui Tujia and Miao Autonomous County indigo water street village courtyard, 2014 was designated as municipal poverty village. The village is at an elevation of 1000-1200 meters, the rolling hills around. The village has a total of 7 villagers group 404, 1678 people. Traffic inconvenience, labor loss, poor infrastructure, no pillar industries, is the main cause of poverty in the village. In 2015, before the village without a smooth road, looking at the vast green hills, the villagers can only travel by foot or riding a motorcycle. "Before we afraid of illness, afraid of the two crop can not sell." Courtyard village committee director of the director of the village of light said. 2015, the village finally look forward to the construction of a new road – the County Commission to invest 4 million 450 thousand yuan in the village to build a smooth road of 8.9 km. This road will across the courtyard village 5 villagers group, connected patio village, Flint High Valley town prosperous village sub community, travel, to solve the problem of the village 80% villagers. Just before the completion of the construction has encountered difficulties. The construction team in the village courtyard and prosperous village at the junction of found landslide area by surveying, here she scattered, not built cement road. This total of around 125 households in the village courtyard, speeding, reading, visiting friends and relatives, and they are prosperous village from very close, through this "last mile" is particularly important. After repeated discussions, the village and the construction team decided to redirect, by setting the back bend around the road, the new village and the village is connected to the courtyard "the last kilometer". Due to the increase in the distance, and the construction of technical difficulties, the original 10 days will be able to repair the journey, spent 20 days, construction costs increased by $150 thousand. When the opening of the final, this smooth path mileage increased to 9.4 km. September 27th morning, the reporter saw the villagers Chen Xueshu, he was waiting for the village village station waiting station passenger car. Chen Xueshu’s son and daughter working in Fujian, two great granddaughter of the age of 8, a small age of 6. Before the Chen family lived in the mountains far away from the town, two granddaughters go to school at about 6 in the morning, not only to take the steep mountain road, but also through the dense woods. 2015, learned that the village is almost completed a new road, relying on alpine ecosystems poverty relocation policy, Chen Xueshu can’t wait to move down on the side of the road, built two storey house. "Now travel convenience, out of the van." Chen Xueshu said that the new road is wide and flat, and he no longer has to worry about her granddaughter’s school. Not only that, this year, the Chen Xueshu family also bought a van used to transport food, firewood. The villagers travel convenience, the village economy has developed. Flue-cured tobacco planting surface相关的主题文章: