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Operator Assisted Audio And Video Conferencing Services Posted By: Brian Robert Higgins In a world where more and more is automated, some people have been left longing for the touch of personal customer service. Many companies have moved away from giving personal attention, but this does not mean that its market has gone away by any means. This is the market that Operator Assisted Conferencing would appeal to most directly. Operator Assisted Conferencing is a great way to step into the world of video and audio conferencing without stepping right into the heart of this massive and complex world all on your own. Companies that offer this conferencing service give the customer access to all of the benefits of conferencing while offering a personal operator who is there to ensure that the conference runs as smooth as possible. One great feature that many companies offer with these particular types of conferences is a pre-conference green room meeting. This is a time where the customer running the conference gets to talk only with the operator. The operator will use this time to make sure the customer has thought through every aspect of the call and prepare the system to be able to handle whatever needs the customer might have.

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operator assisted conferencing Video Conferencing: A Blessing For Business Meetings Posted By: Blueshadowgroup In this technology driven world, there are many ways to stay connected with each other. Internet has come up as a boon which allows people to communicate with each other face to face. This has left a great impact on companies. Earlier it was necessary for everybody to be present physically in the board meeting, but now meetings are carried on through video conferencing. Businesses now use video conference to build intimate relationships with their employees, clients and business partners. Video conferencing has become an efficient tool for business communication and has evolved to increase the productivity. Through this, the companies save a considerable amount of money by curtailing the expenses related to travelling and accommodation. Unlike traditional meetings, conference video is more effective as it allows all participants to interact at more inter personal level. Thus, the meetings become more interactive. Most conferences offer call recording features that allow to record the important session and use it for future references. This technology has come up as a blessing and has continued to evolve. There are various conferencing systems like web conferencing, operator assisted conferencing, desktop video conference.

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operator assisted conferencing Teleconferencing Helps To Make Quality And Economical Conference Calls Posted By: Mark voucher Teleconference is the live exchange of information among different people. In teleconferencing, users who are remote from one another are connected by using a telecommunication system. Audio Conferencing and phone conferencing are some of the terms used for this type of conferencing. By taking conference call services, one can conduct audio, video and web meetings. Using this technique enables a company to save its money and time, thus, increasing its overall efficiency. Teleconferencing services are particularly popular with companies that employ workers who are situated in remote distances. These calls are not only high in quality but economical as well. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of audio meetings is that it greatly reduces managerial costs. There are some amazing features of this type of conferencing, which make it hugely popular among all users. A user can mute or un-mute his own line or lines of other participants during a call. New participants can also be added by dialing out to them. As the conference access can be locked, this technique of conferencing is totally safe and secure. Besides, an organization can set its corporate tune as incoming call music.

Teleconferencing The Benefits Of Online Meeting And Web Conferencing Services Posted By: Mark voucher The success of a company largely depends on its relationship with the client and the quality of work delivered by it. This, however, is not very easy and a constant effort through meetings and discussions is made in this direction. However, as business operations these days are not limited to one particular area but is expanded to many parts of the world, business gatherings prove to be not only expensive but time consuming as well. It is here that the concepts of online meetings come into play. An online meeting minimizes face-to-face business gathering; thus, saving a lot of time and cutting down travel cost. The companies engaged in providing online meetings and web conferencing services, provide online presentation software, which serves as the cost and time effective tool for conducting web meetings and online conferences. One can easily attend seminar, conferences and meetings from the comfort of home or office without physically being present at the venue of these events. The important time saved can be utilized for some other productive purpose like working towards the growth of the organization.

online meeting Cutting Edge Audio Conferencing Services Posted By: Hope Dever Effective communication seems to be the part and parcel of every business model. Institutions and business organizations use effective communication system to interact with their employees and stakeholders including suppliers, distributors, clients, shareholders etc. With business going beyond the geographical barriers, the need to connect inter-continentally has increased immensely. In such scenario, audio conferencing comes out as a favored channel of building a relationship and staying in touch with the people world over. A manager of a company can initiate a meeting with his operations Manager or subordinates to discuss about the new agreements in other parts of the world, sitting in the conference room. On the other hand, mergers and acquisitions no longer demand physical presence of the concerned parties. Precisely, business can easily close the deal, get the necessary feedback from remote sites followed by conducting the daily affairs through advanced audio conferencing facilities. Experienced Conferencing Solution Providers Reputed and experienced conference call providers can help you avail the maximum out of your interactions. Reasonably priced audio conference services let you get maximum value for money, letting you save more by determining exactly what you are seeking for.

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operator assisted conferencing Operator Assisted Conferencing Know Its Striking Advantages Posted By: Hope Dever Communication has helped businesses to expand their activity in global sphere and technological advancements have made this happen in the fastest and easiest possible manner. For both small and medium business organizations, video conference and teleconference call services have helped to establish communication across the world, enabling them to connect to potential clients, business associates or their employees based at different locations almost immediately. In video conference call, the outcome depends on how perfectly organized the entire session is. It must be executed without any hassle so that communication can be faster and effective. So, the ultimate answer to this problem is to have an operator who will instruct at every step of call session and carry out basic operations to let the conference run smoothly and attend the demands of conferees in an equal manner. This facilitator assisted conference call system is better known as operator assisted conferencing. Nowadays, most of the businesses are making a smart choice and using operator assisted conferencing service to keep their conference call procedure simple and easy.

Operator assisted conferencing Business Communication At Its Best With Web Conferencing Posted By: Yank Dines Today, organisations understand the need to connect with their clients, distributors and employees on a regular basis. Thus, it becomes necessary for business firms to keep all their stakeholders informed about decisions taken and events held by the management. Now, to conduct meetings and events frequently requires not only a constant flow of money but a lot of time and effort, as well. Therefore, to be in continuous contact with all stakeholders, business firms are now looking for better alternatives that will help them to save time, effort and most importantly, their expenses. The perfect solution for such firms is the web conference service. Web conference services can be utilised when there is a requirement for press conferences, client meetings and much more. The advantage conferencing solutions provide is that more people can be a part of any meeting from any place in real-time. Participants of the meetings do not have to be physically present, where the meeting is being held. In addition to this great advantage, call in conference is quite beneficial for those conducting a meeting over phone, so as to as cut down expenses associated with travel.

Web Conference Web Conferencing: Driving Business Communication Posted By: Thosino weven Today, organisations realise the importance to connect with their end-customers, distributors, clients and employees on a continuous basis. It becomes important for organisations to keep all stakeholders informed of the decisions taken and events conducted by their management. Now, to conduct events on a regular basis, it requires not only a constant flow of monetary investment but a lot of time, as well. So, in order to be in continuous contact with stakeholders, organisations are now looking for better alternatives that can help them to save time and most importantly their growing expenses. The best solution for such organisations is the event conference service. Event conference services can be utilised when there is need for product launches, press conferences, client meetings and so on. The advantage event conferencing provides is that people can be a part of any event from any place and at any time, synchronously. The participants do not have to be physically present, where the event is being hosted. In addition to this advantage, virtual event conferencing is quite beneficial for those hosting the event as expenses associated with venue, travel and food is eliminated.

Event Conference Investor Relations Calls Revolutionised With Audio Conferencing Posted By: Thosino weven Investor Relations (IR) or Earnings Calls have become an essential activity in the corporate sector as organisations need to announce their financial standing at a large scale. All companies that declare their financial results for the fiscal year or any particular quarter to the stakeholders, governing authorities and other parties make IR calls. Therefore, Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) in Hong Kong have begun providing customised audio conferencing solutions to such organisations in a bid to cater to this requirement in the best possible manner. An earnings call centred on remote conferencing is considered suitable for organisation of any size, whether large or small, as it provides users with the opportunity to use a simple telephone call to make high level announcements. The conferencing infrastructure in such a case will be able support thousands of participants simultaneously, which marks the reliability of the solution. Throughout the conference call, users will not experience any dropped call or network deterioration as the network is redundant, which ensures that users will not experience difficulties in making important announcements and declaring figures.

Investor Relations Calls How Companies Can Benefit From Audio Conferencing Posted By: Lee Mark Audio conferencing is a growing field in the world of communication in Singapore, where new services, solutions and devices are introduced each day. Its valuation is expected in the country is expected to be close to $ 100 million, a small figure by global standards, which is an indicator of the potential of this market in the nation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Conferencing Solutions Providers (CSPs) in the country are continually emphasising upon the need to improve the quality of service in order to enhance the overall customer experience. In Singapore, blue chip companies frequently use audio conferencing solutions to liaise the in-house personnel with the remotely located clients, vendors, suppliers and other business associates. Companies engaged in the tourism sector make use of teleconferencing service to remain in touch with their customers, tour operators, hotel staff and others. They simply need to pick up a call and start a remote meeting with three or more participants, which allows them to ensure that all the concerned parties maintain seamless coordination. Such individuals can choose to use either operator assisted or on demand services, depending on the requirements of their organisations.

Audio Conferencing Importance Of Audio Conferencing For Emerging Economies Posted By: Dines Mark For any emerging economy, there is a need to optimize business processes and improve the project turnaround time. This includes streamlining the business communication process, since it is essential for maintaining coordination between all concerned parties. Malaysia is a growing economy where the enterprise conferencing sector is growing at a rapid pace because of the huge demand of the companies to enhance their business communication infrastructure and bring it to global standards and operator assisted calls has a huge role to play in that. As a hub for manufacturing in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is home to a number of companies that are engaged in developing electronics, apparel and other mass market goods. The organisations that export goods from this country usually rely on international conferencing solutions to remain in touch with their counterparts in other parts of the world. The communication operations of such firms largely depend on the efficacy of the conferencing suite, which has been steadily improving over the years as the infrastructure of Malaysia has continued to develop. Therefore, superior quality on demand and operator assisted international calls are indispensable tools for the organisations based here.

Conference calls Choosing The Most Suitable Canada Conference Calling Options Posted By: Mike Framer The technology of conference calling offers the best and the most cost effective alternative to conduct real time meetings in barring all geographical limitations. Conference call service is not only a viable solution for scheduling and conducting business meetings quickly, but also allows the businesses to eliminate all the traveling expenses. Conference call services have helped the businesses to curtail their travelling expense to a great extent as well as save ample amount of time. Urgent business meetings can be conducted with the help of conferencing technology and the business stakeholders, employees and partners located at different parts of the world can gather together within a short time frame and address important issues, without wasting time. In Canada Conference call services have evolved to become optimal solution that all businesses have adapted to save considerable amount of time and money. Conference call in Canada is reckoned as not only cheaper, but also as effective and reliable alternative to communicate with groups and associates, depleting the troubles and hassles of business tours and face-to-face meetings. The most popular conference call services are audio conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing.

Canada Conference Call Web Conferencing To Lead The Growth Of Collaboration Solutions In India Posted By: Mark voucher India’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and was largely insulated from the 2009 recession that affected the entire world. The country is primarily supported by its Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), which continue to grow in spite of turbulence in the international market. However,Large Enterprises also contribute towards the strong position of the country in the global arena. Though the economic situation in India is on a high, all organisations are always on the lookout for cost effective solutions to keep their operational and communication costs in check. In this context, web conferencing solutions seem to lead the way and become the preferred choice. Leading Industry research group, Wainhouse Research expects that many more companies in the country will adopt such solutions in next 5 years. To support the rapid economic growth and need to collaborate between diversely located businesses the need for the fast adoption of remote conferencing and web-based collaboration solutions in the corporate sector of India has increased. Though conferencing solutions have existed in the country for close to a decade, India still remains at a nascent stage in terms of its implementation.

Web Conferencing Hosting High Profile Virtual Events Made Easy With Operator Assisted Conferencing Posted By: Thosino weven Conducting a high profile corporate meeting is on the top of the list of agendas of any business organisation. Hong Kong based firms that host events attended by CXOs, investors and stakeholders need a professionally managed platform that allows them to focus on the issues at hand, while a moderator handles all the event management aspects. They can opt for operator assisted event conferencing solutions that have a host of features which can prove to be instrumental for the success of such a virtual event. With such remote multi-point conferencing solutions, companies can host Investor Relations calls, presentations, keynote speeches, brainstorming sessions, training programmes, product launches, software demonstrations and company-wide communications. The unique feature of operator attended conferencing solutions is that the whole event is supervised by a personnel designated to the customer by the service provider. For example, Arkadin Event is accompanied by a dedicated Event Manager for each client, who is responsible for hosting the event on the host’s behalf. The company-designated personnel handle the event and perform various activities, like scheduling the meeting, getting verifications, announcing introductions and managing participant interaction sessions.

Virtual Events Intercall Offers Lync Online With It’s Reservationless-plus Audio Conferencing Service Posted By: Russell King A division of Microsoft Office 365, Lync Online is a cloud communications platform targeted at small and medium-sized businesses that combines audio, video and web conferencing with audio/video calling, instant messaging, and presence. Late last year, Illinois-based InterCall achieved the Gold Unified Communications Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. As a result, InterCall announced that it can now sell Lync Online with its Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing service to customers located in North America. In order to achieve its prestigious top partner status with Microsoft Corporation, InterCall had to submit customer references, pass tests that demonstrated its technological proficiency and capability, and is required to employ no less than four Microsoft-certified technicians at all times. About InterCall InterCall is the largest conferencing service provider in the world. Founded in 1991 and a subsidiary of West Corporation, InterCall specializes in conference and collaboration communications and assists individuals and businesses increase their productivity via user-friendly and cost-efficient sophisticated event, audio, video and web conferencing solutions.

intercall The Significance Of A Secured Conferencing Environment For Accounting Firms Posted By: Yank Dines There are several global Accounting and Auditing firms in Australia. Such organisations deal with highly sensitive and confidential data and information round the clock. This business domain demands a continuous conferencing and collaboration environment for liaising with their globally dispersed offices and associates. In order to avoid data leaks and phishing, this channel of interaction must be well secured and protected. In the wake of various corporate fraudulent activities, such as spamming, phishing, hacking and mail leaks, importance of secure conferencing has surged. Corporate scams have become a reality and the auditing and accounting forms only need to adopt the requisite methodologies to avoid the same. Reliable companies engaged in providing conferencing solutions render completely secure solutions so that employees can exchange information with no concerns about data leaks. In the global corporate environment, the need of inter-organisational and intra-organisational interactions is essential. So, exchanging information via secured conferencing platforms let participants avoid any breaches in security. In order to avoid any type of data leak, conferencing service providers (CSPs) provide participants with a unique, case-sensitive PIN (Personal Identification Number). This PIN is circulated amongst all the attendees via emails and texts.

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