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Weight-Loss Our children are be.ing fat, obesity in children rates are not in the small numbers you might think, it is a serious growing health problem which we have a responsibility to fix. This is not about a simple weight problem which can be solved by sending the kids out to play. Child obesity has reached numbers that nobody would have foreseen even a decade ago. Sadly, it is our own fault, the adults the parents the teachers anyone who has an influence over what children eat. Already in 1995, the .bined figures for overweight and obese children aged 12- 15 years, was 26.1% of boys and 18.9% of girls. That is close to fifteen years ago and most people speculate that the number of overweight children today is very close to the adult figures which have now reached more than 60%. There is a lot of talk about children needing more activity and more exercise but there is a far bigger problem to over.e and it is not outdoors, it is in the home. Children are getting fat because their parents are getting fat. Parents are feeding their children what they believe is a healthy diet. They give them foods that are advertised as healthy and they follow the advice they see on TV. Until the parents learn the facts about what is happening to their diet they will continue to pass on their misinformation to their children, who will in turn pass it on to their children. It would serve you well to realize that the advice you get about diets, usually .es from vested interests. Some major changes to our diet took place in the late nineteen seventieths. Those changes are the foundation of all the diets since then. They are not scientific in any way, they have never been tested in a lab or by human trials, and if you continue to follow them you and your children will go on to obesity and potential type2 diabetes. You are probably already a victim of what your own parents passed on to you. If you periodically reduce your calories to lose weight, and you encourage your family to do the same, you are courting trouble both for yourself and your family. You need to take a really good look around and ask yourself this question: If the foods we are told to eat are the right foods for us why is each generation getting fatter than the last one? If these diets can reduce our weight for good, why are we still dieting? News travels fast in this century. If someone devises a diet that actually works and by that I mean it gets your weight off permanently, it would be news around the world within hours and nobody would ever need to diet again. The problem is not lack of exercise or too much fast food or any other glib answer. The problem is that we have experienced a fundamental change to our diet, one which is affecting adults, and consequently their children. It is a diet our metabolism cannot handle. If you cut calories it responds as if there is a famine. That means your body converts most if not all of the carbohydrate you eat into fat and stores it on your body. Every diet be.es your own sabotage to any chance of losing weight for good. No diet that requires you to count calories will ever be able to make you slim permanently. Permanent in this instance means you will never need to diet again. If we want, we can make ours the last generation to face massive weight problems, obesity and type2 diabetes. We need to be aware that any diet which involves a reduction of calories will follow a set pattern. You will lose some weight, but soon after, youll begin to put it back on again. Each time you go through that you will have a bit more weight than when you began. That is why diets cannot ever give you a permanent weight loss. The obesity in children rates must be over.e. If this is something you want to learn more about, you can find a way to get real permanent weight loss for yourself and your family. Do it before your children pass it on to your grandchildren. If you agree that this type of information is important to your familys future you need to learn more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: