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Note that dormant credit cards may affect your credit history-ssdao

Note the dormant credit card may affect your credit record in this paper comes from: more and more Richwood Reed now young people using a mobile phone to pay, such as payment in the mobile phone directly bind a debit card, while others are using Alipay spend like credit to pay. However, you have done before the credit card, but also to do a number of times, some of which are not activated, these dormant cards may affect your credit record. According to the wealth management institutions Richwood Reed financial planner introduction, the recent public Liu would like to do a new credit card, can apply for materials over several times are not passed, so he wanted to know the reason, you find the bank to understand the situation. The bank’s answer is that Mr. Liu had previously done a credit card has a bad record. According to Mr. Liu recalled that before was a credit card, but not activated. In this regard, the bank’s explanation is that although there is no activation, but credit card annual fee card, resulting in arrears, so there will be a bad record. For credit cards and debit cards (that is, savings cards), the consequences of the two cards are different. Although part of the debit card will charge a fee or small account management fees, but once dormant account balance is not enough to pay an annual fee, over a certain period of time, the bank will automatically cancel arrears status, so sleep will not affect personal credit. The credit card is different, there is no active, dormant credit card may also generate an annual fee, and the cardholder is not overdue payment may form a bad credit record. Statistics show that from 2011 to 2014, the credit card live card rate were 53.3%, 56.1%, 57.8% and 58.7%, respectively, lower than the pass line for the next four years, that is, the bank issued more than a card into a waste card. Richwood Reed said financial planner, although no annual fee is now the credit card marketing activities, one often do publicity, some banks do choose to give the customer opened free for the first year fee preferential policies in second years to start charging, and the cardholder through the credit card in the future with a certain number of times or is full a certain amount of money to relief. It is precisely because of this, the annual fee of these credit cards are often ignored by the cardholder. Once the card is in a dormant state, after the balance of the end of the deduction, the card can not be reported to the annual fee issue is a bad record. It is suggested that there is no credit card, and involves the annual fee, it is recommended to check the status of the credit card, in order to deal with in a timely manner to eliminate bad credit risks. (Finance and Economics)相关的主题文章: