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Network transmission of the teacher to break the students’ ears to respond to the school’s response -www.bxwx.org

Net transfer of teachers to the students to break the ears of the school responded: a misunderstanding of 22, Gaoyou has friends said his daughter in Gaoyou Development Zone, a school, the teacher was playing, the ear was torn. Subsequently, users also provided the child was in the hospital sewing a multi needle photos. After posting this post, in the community caused a strong reaction. On the morning of 23, Gaoyou Development Zone in Gaoyou local tree primary school gives a website re: after investigating, through visits of students and comprehensive view of the school monitoring, now identify the fact is this: the morning of September 22nd at 8:05 7:46 children, morning exercises, first class 8:35, 9:15 class to have children are normal, but also after class and her cousin (the second grade students in our school) and other kids in the playground. About 9:24 or so, her cousin on the playground to wipe the blood on the ear for the little girl. This is what happened during the class, two little girls are not clear where bruises. At present it has good communication with parents, or in the report was a misunderstanding.相关的主题文章: