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National Day holiday Highway 7 small passenger cars free of charge-txc.cc

National Day holiday Highway 7 following small passenger car toll free this year National Day holiday highway less than 7 small buses still toll free, toll free time is at 0:00 on October 1, 2016 to October 7, 2016 24 (the vehicle from the toll lane exit time). Traffic police department in accordance with previous traffic statistics is expected, the first day of the National Day holiday will usher in the peak of the vehicle travel, crane high speed traffic will have new growth. Crane high-speed interval speed measuring equipment crane is the city of Zhuanghe to the direction of a city highway, two-way four lane. Since the State Council promulgated the four major holidays toll free minibus, crane high-speed every vehicle in waves, roadside parking or traffic accident, the vehicle will slow traffic or even long distance jam etc.. In order to avoid traffic congestion, the city traffic police detachment of the third brigade for holiday traffic changes, the implementation of all posts. High speed traffic police to remind drivers to improve safety awareness to ensure traffic safety. It is understood that the crane speed limit to the east of the highway to the boundary, the speed limit of 100 km west of the bus, the speed of the East limit of 110 km. Across the board has also installed 18, 72 surveillance camera lens, with interval speed measuring equipment. Dan high-speed special topography determines the road bend, slope, Dong Jia Gou toll station is the largest road with sharp corners, slope road. Mount Shahe, Pikou, Zhuang Dong, mist fog when the visibility is prominent, only a few meters. Once in front of the accident, often lead to a series of collisions after the car, blocking the road, causing a large area of congestion. Therefore, the speed should be controlled to maintain the safety distance with the front car. Taking into account the national day may occur during inclement weather and holiday return peak, the traffic police department to remind the public reasonable arrangements for the return journey time, do not return on the last day of a small holiday together. Immediately after the accident occurred on the way to rescue the phone call on the road, the driver and the driver must be set in the accident 150 meters outside the car warning signs". Vehicle loss is small, you can take pictures of the scene of the accident, the accident vehicle moving away from the nearest toll, and call the alarm. For the cause of adult physical injury, can be the first to treat the wounded, while making an alarm call (87342219), the vehicle driver should leave the highway, removed to the safety zone outside the fence waiting for rescue. If necessary, immediately sent to hospital for treatment of the wounded, to the passing vehicles issued a distress signal, but not try to force or intercept vehicles in the driveway for help to rescue the injured. Regional Heda highway K1467.350 km K1270.102 km to three police brigade under the jurisdiction of 24 hours, the alarm telephone number is 87342219, the highway rescue phone number is 96199. During the festival is still a thorough investigation of drunk driving is not to relax He Da Highway is in "Zhuang Da Highway" on the converted, the emergency Lane Dong Jia Gou to Zhuanghe road than standard highway to narrow 0.5 meters. Therefore, the roadside parking up and down, will affect the road vehicle traffic safety. In addition, the crane highway Dalian Guan Yan相关的主题文章: