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Nadal from the Australian Open solution after losing mentality in Argentina and strive to retain the-www.40sqw.com

Nadal from the Australian Open solution after losing mentality and strive in the Argentina tournament defending Nadal revealed after the Australian Open mind and top seed Nadal in the local time on Monday for the 2016 Buenos Aires open to prepare, Ferrell and fellow friends training. This is the first time to return Nadal was eliminated in the wodasike compatriots upset this year after the first round of the Australian open. Nadal in last year’s finals in Buenos Aires beat Monaco won a good friend. Two may the second round in the clash again this year. "I certainly don’t love the taste of defeat in Australia, but I have no way." Nadal said in an interview, "I am not good at that time, even if I do enough preparation, or of no avail. I will do my best in Buenos Aires, hope to have good performance." "Every season is different, but the goal is the same, is to make the grade in each event, create a high ranking. I am very happy to return to Argentina to fight, because every time I leave with full of positive energy. As in many parts of the world, people here are very good to me." Ranked fifth in the world of Nadal in the first round bye. If he often doubles partner Monaco in the first round to beat Italian qualifier Saiki AAnatole, then both will be in the second round of the 8 contest. The two friends have won the doubles partner of Doha in 2015. "For a long time before Monaco was injured, so he also can overcome the first round opponent." Nadal said, "I hope he can win, because after his injury, victory is very important to him. Anyway, for me, is a very difficult game."

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