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Murray Ferrell for the first time in the final promotion network in Dimiteluofu will battle –kairui

Murray Ferrell for the first time in the final promotion network in   Dimiteluofu will battle – Henan Network – people.com.cn October 8th, Britain’s Murray to celebrate the victory. On the same day, in the Chinese Tennis Open Men’s singles semi-finals, the British player Murray to 2 to 0 victory over the Spanish players in the final, Ferrell. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong Xinhua Beijing October 8th sports news (reporter Wang Haoyu, Yang Fan) British "big brother", the tournament No. two seed Murray 8 in China open semifinals by 6:2 And 6:3 in the Spanish veteran Ferrell, from the first individual net champion just one step away. Murray after the end of the game, scheduled in the evening finale of the other men’s singles semi-finals for the No. three seed Rao Niki Hussein out of the race canceled, so Murray will be in the final encounter Dimitrov in Bulgaria, the latter in the 8 war had two sets out the Spanish king Nadal. "I sprained my ankle last night, and the results of this morning showed a partial tear in the ankle ligament. I tried to warm up as I used to, but unfortunately I can’t hold on to the game." Rao Niki said. In the past and Ferrell’s 19 hand in hand, with 13 wins and 6 losses to occupy the advantage of the game has been winning streak and the other 6 games in the hands of. Murray was the first game to break 1:2 behind in the third inning, but he quickly broke back to level the score. The fifth game of Murray Paul made difficult after getting better, even the next 3 first set. The 34 year old Ferrell in the second set was 1:3 behind, but he stubbornly in the fifth inning to break the success of mad Murray threw his racket. Anger after Murray re mastered the initiative of the game will be widened to 5:2, although Ferrell Paul made the next 1, but still can not stop the "big brother" in the ball game to win the finals. "I played well today, even in the second set up a rival break, beginning from the potential. The score to 3:2 when I complete the break, this is the key, because he had a chance to tie the score." Murray said after the game. Murray occupation career has never open title, final against unseeded Dimitrov, looks promising "egg", but he did not dare to underestimate the enemy. "I think he is a very, very tough opponent, playing a variety of venues, know how to cope with the difficult situation on the pitch. He has been in a state of ups and downs this season, but in the past few months he has played very well. He is now fifteenth in the world, but he has a lot of ambition. He used to be in the top ten." Earlier in the day of the women’s singles semi-finals, Murray’s fellow hole tower after three disc after a fierce battle to qualify for the finals, will be the first to the occupation career ranked top ten in the world, Murray was full of praise. "She’s great. She has made great progress since last year, and it is very difficult to get into the top ten, but she is quite worthy of this success." Murray said. Murray dominated the "British Derby" four Murray entered the net "perfect break" promotion network in the 8 strong 12345678 page 12345678 page (commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: