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Mother Nature And Blood Mysteries-hyuna

Health It can be challenging to be a woman in a male dominated society, as is the process of be.ing a woman. Its one thing to acknowledge the creativity of an artist or the architect, but quite another when the very act of creating life is dismissed. And while we may pay lip service to our love of nature, things such as traditions, customs and pre-existing religious practices interfere with an ability to acknowledge or embrace the true nature of woman. Its more than a dilemma that we live in a society where people love baby making, yet the sanctity of menstrual blood, an essential element in the process is never acknowledged. Man has conquered the universe over and over again, in various ways, in order to understand and uncover its mysteries, but the mysteries of life, womens blood mysteries, are not at all understood.. Perhaps its for this reason that mothers offer their young daughters only very brief guidance about menstruation. It is still shrouded in secrecy and shame. Because the process does not get due attention, young girls do not .e to understand how they are part of the cycles of nature or anything about the empowering spiritual potential of their own monthly cycles. The truth is that blood (whether the blood of menstrual or parturition) is part of the river of life and the essence of creativity, the creativity that backs all other creativities; the creativity of nourishing the fetus and giving birth to it. Blood is life: through menstruation a girl is able to be.e a woman and when pregnancy occurs, to bring a new life into the world. The blood of woman, so .monly disdained, is actually symbolic of the very essence of life. We live in a society where the sanctity of menstrual blood is not acknowledged. Girls, the future creators of life, reach the age of puberty feeling embarrassed and awkward about themselves. They are not wel.ed or celebrated when they reach the age of menarche. They feel ashamed and so hide their menstrual blood, the blood of life. Except some countries in the world where this sacred time, the moon time, is celebrated and young girls are wel.ed to the journey of womanhood; most young women are stuck with the pre-existing limitations, traditions and societal and cultural values. The time calls for women to reclaim their ancient heritage (the heritage of being the creators of life), and to empower themselves by embracing an understanding of the blood mysteries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: