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More than 35 years old baby risk is so big! Sohu – nlite

More than 35 years old baby risk is so big?! Sohu with the liberalization of national maternal and child two-child policy, many mothers have joined the family army, there are over 35 years old mother. But we want to do the elderly mother really is not so easy, you have to make sure your eggs in chromosome "healthy". Because the chromosome is the main carrier of the gene, if abnormal, it is easy to give birth to deformed children. So today, we’ll take a look at the mother kangaroo: the relationship between age and chromosome, and the baby are affected. There are 46 pairs of chromosomes in human somatic cells, which are paired with each other. There are 22 pairs of chromosomes and about 1 pairs of chromosomes. The male sex chromosomes are XY, the female sex chromosomes are XX. We are different from the somatic cells have 23 chromosomes in sperm and eggs, is a single, 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 sex chromosomes, because they are composed of somatic meiosis and the. We combined with sperm egg, sperm and eggs in chromosome pairs, the chromosome number of the fertilized eggs into 46. So in the process of sperm and egg formation, if affected by physical, chemical or biological factors, such as radiation, smoking and drinking, infected with the virus, or the number of chromosome structural changes will occur. You and the older women, the egg by chromosome is greater, especially after more than 35 years old! Because the egg and sperm is not the same, and will not continue to produce in her life, the number of her basic at the age of 5 has been determined, but then they are not developed small follicles. Before we immature eggs with sperm to wait for many years, and in the process of their development, at any time may be affected by the environment, and have a cumulative effect of harm to the environment of the eggs, time will increase the risk of chromosomal variation. We have chromosomal abnormalities, sperm or eggs will have congenital defects, which cannot lead to infertility sperm egg binding. So even if the sperm egg binding success, but usually the embryo will abort, miscarriage or stillbirth. So, if you are pregnant repeatedly abortion, it is best to do the next chromosome examination. We even smooth delivery down, there are a lot of children with mental retardation, limb deformity etc.. Which is the most common syndrome, is suffering from the disease Zhouzhou genius conductor. Come down syndrome mostly to trisomy 21- syndrome, is more than normal one chromosome 21. So because there is no ideal treatment for abnormal chromosomes, so we as parents to do prenatal care, to avoid abnormal chromosome of birth. We detected chromosomal abnormalities during pregnancy screening is the commonly used Tang screen. The mother is usually extracted 2 ml of blood, check serum alpha fetoprotein (AFP) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) concentration. You doctor will use the concentration of AFP and HCG, and combined with the pre production period, the pregnant mother of the year.相关的主题文章: