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Mobile phone recall pressure Samsung to sell a number of technology companies to raise cash shares invictus gaming

Mobile phone recall pressure: Samsung technology companies sell shares to raise cash Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 19th morning news, Samsung recently launched Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone global recall, which is expected to lead to the loss of more than $1 billion samsung. In this case, Samsung began selling shares of investment technology companies to raise cash. Samsung said on Sunday that it has sold hard disk makers Seagate, chip Rambus, semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker ASML, and SHARP, a Japanese electronics company. As a result of the battery fire and explosion accident, Samsung announced this month, will recall 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note mobile phone 7. Samsung did not disclose how much cash will be sold for the shares, but raising the cash will help to deal with the cost of the recall. Under the leadership of Li Zairong, Samsung is stripped of non core assets to raise cash. Samsung is currently seeking to develop other areas of biological pharmacy. In the past 10 years, Samsung with large-scale manufacturing capacity to develop the intelligent mobile phone, TV, and display and semiconductor element market, but Samsung executives believe that the market is not as usual to Samsung greater growth. In the smartphone market, Samsung is facing competition from China and India, which provides a powerful mobile phone at low prices. At the same time, Apple’s new iPhone on sale on Friday. In a statement on Sunday, Samsung said it had sold all of the shares held by Seagate 4.2%, as well as all the shares held by the Rambus 4.5%. In addition, Samsung sold half of the 2.9% ASML shares held, as well as all of the shares of SHARP 0.7%. Sources said last week that Samsung will sell half of the shares of $676 million ASML. According to Friday’s closing price, Samsung holds Rambus, Seagate and SHARP shares worth more than $500 million. Samsung said in the announcement, the purpose of the sale of these shares is focused on the core business, optimize and sort out investment assets. Samsung’s business cooperation with these companies will not be affected. Due to the recent recall of mobile phones, investors began to sell Samsung shares. September 9th, Samsung’s market value has shrunk by more than $10 billion, and then fell $15 billion 900 million again on Monday. (Li Li)相关的主题文章: