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Mind (write to understand people ~) – Sohu truffe

Mind (for people to understand ~) – Sohu read this article, please click on the blue font above this "women’s diary A" and then click on the "attention", so you can continue to receive articles free. Every day to share. Completely free subscription, please rest assured! Sometimes, feel mentally and physically exhausted, what do not want to do, just want to quietly alone; sometimes feel stuck, the feelings did not return, just want to in the place where no one cry. Sometimes, feel very tired, no bosom friend can talk, just want to listen to music myself. The decision to leave and let him go, more save is useless, will only make themselves more humble; have come to accept it, the more push block can hide, will only make themselves more daunting! Gradually understand, not all things to ask in the end; know too much, sometimes even let their pain. Gradually understand, not all people are worthy of sincerity; the more people meet, the more I feel that he is not a must. Gradually see some things, you can do not mean that others can also do, you can pay the sincerity does not mean that others will pay, not all really want to be able to exchange the truth. When good feelings will have disappeared, then passion will have a dull day, then talk with the friendship will be indifferent, and perfect love inevitably loopholes. Fate always stunned, you want to contact the people do not care about you, always take the initiative to contact you and not love you. You pay for others does not appreciate, pay for you but you don’t care. Do not ask when meet the love, but the dependence for enduring as the universe together; thousands of people favor, but a good man. My heart, who can understand? In the vast sea of humanity, I think of you, but you are with whom? Who knows how many people I would like to know the people and know my heart?相关的主题文章: