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Men who eat these foods will PYLL you dare eat it good health is the best physical condition, so we must take good care of the body, make yourself healthy. When eating food, in fact, there are 5 kinds of food you may eat, but eat more, it will be harmful to the body, please be careful. 1, fat can cause male infertility fat contains too much saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat increases the thickness of the blood vessel wall, narrowing the interior of the blood vessels and reducing the capacity of the blood. As we all know, blood is the main driving force to promote physical exercise, if the lack of blood supply will have a direct impact on the body’s function. For men, the lack of blood supply will be a big problem, the key parts will be hard to get up, long-term will make the decline in renal function, directly lead to the emergence of male infertility. 2, high fat milk can cause prostate cancer high fat milk not only lead to the body fat, can also lead to male prostate disease. A scientific study has shown that men who take less than 150 milligrams of calcium per day from their milk are at a lower risk of developing prostate disease compared with those who take more than $600 of calcium a day. The calcium content of dairy products is very high, the human body absorb calcium and will consume part of vitamin D. The important role of vitamin D is a hormone that can inhibit cancer, especially for prostate cancer cells. Therefore, the lack of vitamin D on men’s health will bring a lot of hidden dangers, for men, the role of vitamin D than the role of calcium to be large. 3, fine flour can cause male infertility many people like to use bread as breakfast main nutrition. But nutrition experts say, in fact, the nutritional value of bread is not high, especially in recent years, particularly popular whole wheat bread. In the process of whole wheat bread, zinc will lose 3/4. Zinc is very important for the development of sexual desire and reproductive health. Adult male infertility can lead to severe zinc deficiency. You know that men have the greatest amount of zinc in the body is the prostate, so the importance of zinc on men can imagine. 4, beans can cause a reduction in the amount of sperm in men do not know that we do not remember a few years ago, a news, a man for 3 years every day to eat bean sprouts, which led to the chest and women become as plump. This is what is a strange phenomenon, rich in female hormones in sprouts. Male body eating too much estrogen, it can inhibit the growth of male hormones in men. Long term androgen deficiency will lead to decline in physical function, the main performance is the reduction in sperm count or sperm quality. 5, fried foods can reduce hormone secretion fried food is not only harmful to women is also harmful to men. Most people only know that fried foods contain high calories, will increase weight; meat after high temperature frying will produce a carcinogen. Xiao Bian today to tell you that fried foods contain trans fats. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that trans fatty acids can increase the body’s "bad cholesterol" levels, which lead to heart disease. More weight.相关的主题文章: