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Arts-and-Entertainment Deeply sunk in movies, eyes not blinked since years to see the climax, and laughing vigorously that let your eyes cryentertainment! Yes ofcouse! These all are various sources of entertainment. The motto of entertainment has remained same all over but the sources have been changing. The changes came with the passage of time, in accordance with the indulging technologies and modern thoughts. Traditionally outdoor games, movies were few of the sources available for entertainment. The ever-changing trends also affected the trends of fun. Outdoor games are replaced by indoor video games. Entertainment, as such, has been an interim part of our lives. It has been a part of every thing one is exposed to. From news to movies and from facts to serial all serve only one package, called entertainment. News are no more boring pieces of information, rather thriller and suspense are added to arouse viewers interest in them. Similarly the facts when presented on various channels are mesmerizing and presented in such a way that helps retaining them for long. Facts are stranger than fiction, this is what the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of factual programs and news bulletins is. The added spice of suspense always works in terms of rising TRP’s for a particular program. From time to time, facets of entertainment have been changing. The advancement in technology and introduction of inter. provided a new field for entertainment to ground on. Online games, movies, videos, gossips all are there on inter.. Just a click and you get a new world in front of you. Especially, online gaming has discovered all a new face with the introduction of inter.. It provided kids to have access to millions and varieties of games. The 3-D look gave it more interesting hook-ups to hang on. Involvement of celebrities and creams of the society added a pinch of glamour to it. Though online gaming is through its infant age in developing countries like India, still it is a new prism that the inter. is seen through. Apart from games, celebrity news, gossips and who’s who description are the added attraction. People are always interested in knowing about personal lives of celebrities and that’s what makes these gossip magazines and sites more popular. The success of reality show Big Brother’ says it all. These gossips news always creates an effect which is rare to behold. People get things to talk about as well as issues to laugh upon. The movies and funny videos are other sources for entertainment. Movies always have been a charm for entertainment industry. From Sholay’ to Titanic’ and from Aishwarya Rai’ to Tom Cruise’, all have entertained audiences of various countries. Despite of the fact that everyone today is seeking for entertainment, it seems that entertainment has discovered a new facet. The facet that is related to the technology and not the outdoors and picnics, those outdoors that keep you fit as well as let the loved one feel special. It is true that technological advances provides great deal of entertainment yet it’s necessary to socialize and go for outdoor fun to enhance the physical as well as mental fitness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: