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Web-Hosting Many of those looking for hosting services see shared hosting as a very good option; shared hosting no doubt is an affordable hosting service, however the fact that it can serve your needs best may not always prove right. The server choice actually should be made on the basis of your needs. For instance Dedicated Server Hosting proves to be the best choice for the major business players. Shared server certainly gives you benefits in terms of cost & expenditure, but there are some shortcomings, a shared server comes with such as limited authority, security as well as hardware problems with your server; your website may get deactivated or go offline without notice. Here we shall speak about why one should go for Dedicated Server Hosting or VPS Hosting India. India has served as a major hub of outsourcing services. Dedicated server hosting as well as VPS Hosting India has now been the top choice of those seeking reliable and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting . Owing to high cost-efficiency as well as top service value, dedicated server hosting in India serves a vital option giving good quality services and good performance. In case of Dedicated Hosting, the security aspect is handled better. Here the rights to handling Disk space, RAM, quality bandwidth, etc. also belongs to the company to which the dedicated server belongs. Dedicated server is considered the best option in case of big sites. Unlike shared hosting you have the right of the entire server to yourself thus you will be able to ensure high uptime of your website and the customer satisfaction would increase; counting these benefits large number of companies are seeking dedicated server for their websites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: