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Letter of credit in the first half sales grew 176.7%– real estate – People’s network vy canis majoris

Rosan first half sales rose 176.7%– real estate — people.com.cn original title: rosan first half sales rose 176.7% in August 23rd, rosan Chinese announced interim results, the first half of this year, rosan China achieved contract sales and sold a total construction area of 13 billion 220 million square meters and 840 thousand yuan respectively, compared with the same period last year increased 176.7% and 182.3%, the contract sales amount has reached the beginning of the annual sales target of 16 billion yuan 82.63%. Based on the group’s good momentum of development and the current situation of strong market transactions, the letter of China to adjust the annual sales target to 20 billion yuan, an increase of more than the target set at the beginning of the year by 25%. From the financial Chinese results announcement can be seen in the group within the period of property delivered has confirmed that the average price of about 14457 yuan per square meter, an increase of 46.6%, and has been delivered to the construction area of about 475 thousand square meters, an increase of about 125%. In the first half of this year has delivered property income of about 6 billion 840 million yuan, an increase of 229.6%. With the delivery of the construction area and the average price of the property has been delivered over the same period last year, a significant increase in the first half of China’s financial letter profit surged 262% to $1 billion 17 million. In the first half, net interest rates rose 1.3 percentage points to 14.6%. It is understood that the first half of this year, a total of 10 Chinese rosan purchased high quality plots, total construction area of 2 million 600 thousand square meters (by considering company related projects in equity of approximately 1 million 360 thousand square metres), the average cost of land acquisition is about 7504 yuan per square metre. Multiple projects to take the powerful combination of the way, including Vanke, poly, such as financial record. The actual purchase of land rights of less than 20 billion yuan of land, which requires less than $70% in accordance with the provisions of the contract of land transfer. Although the letter of China in the period of the rapid acquisition of a number of land, but thanks to the proceeds from the listing of funds and its sound financial measures, the period of the asset liability ratio of 0.90 times, compared with the beginning of the decline of about 63.6%. As of June 30, 2016, the letter of China’s asset liability ratio was 77%, compared with the beginning of the year fell by 8 percentage points, while the proportion of equity in the net assets fell to $90% in. As of June 30th, rosan Chinese land reserves total construction area of about 5 million 980 thousand square meters, among which there are 22 stages in the project or a project construction, in the construction of a total construction area of about 3 million 630 thousand square meters, held for the future development of about 2 million 340 thousand square meters. In addition, a total of 8 projects in China has completed the project or the project, with a total construction area of 857 thousand square meters (after the company’s interest in the project related to the area of 567 thousand square meters). With the completion of the 8 projects will provide a strong driving force for China’s future business and financial performance to maintain significant growth. Rosan always insist on cultivating a second tier city, to improve the type of high-end residential products. Currently, most of the projects are being developed in China, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Chairman, executive director and chief executive officer, Ou Zonghong, said相关的主题文章: